Do You Have Any Immediate Relatives Not Including Parents in the United States[Ds-160 Form]?

Do you have a plan for getting an education in the United States? Do you want to work In the United States? Then you should know all the required details and information about the Visa process prescribed by the United States government. If you want to get a Visa for education or work in the US, then you will have to follow the legal process of the United States to get that Visa.

To get any kind of Visa (except a few exceptions) for the United States, you need to file the DS-160 application form. If you are not born a citizen of the US and want to study and work there, then the filing out of DS-160 will be your first step. DS-160 is the milestone that will pave the way for you to reach your destination.

In this article, you will come to know what DS-160 form is? What is the purpose and significance of this form? What are the requirements that need to be fulfilled before filling out the application form? What are the major tips you can follow while filling out your DS-160 application form?  We will also discuss “ Do you have any immediate relatives not including parents in the United States?” this option during filing out of DS-160 form.

Do you have any immediate relatives, not parents in the United States?

When you are filling out your DS-160 form online, it is also asked to you that ” Do you have any other relative not parents in the United States?” If you have any cousin studying or working there, you can choose the option of “yes”.

It is also seen that some additional fields will be missed when you select the option of “yes”. But these are not as such questions for which you need to be worried. During filling out of working or study visa application form, these questions are asked for the securitization of you and your relatives in the United States.

Do you have any other relatives in the United States, Cousin?

When you are filling out your DS-160 form online, it is also asked to you that ” Do you have any other relative in the United States?” If you have any cousin studying or working there, you can choose the option of “yes”. It is also seen that some additional fields will be missed when you select the option of “yes”. But these are not as such questions for which you need to be worried.

What is a DS-160 Form?

DS-160, also called the nonimmigrant visa application process, is a form needed to be filled out when you have a plan for study or work in the United States. If you are a student and looking for a chance to study in the US or if you are a person who has a plan for getting work in any US company, you will need to file out the DS-160 form online and submit it to the United States Embassy.

The filling out of this application form is mandatory for every person who wants to enrol in the territory of the United States for the purpose of his education or work. It is required to complete this form online before the interview, which will be conducted by the US embassy after the analysis of the whole process.

Who Needs To Fill Out a DS-160 Form:

The Form DS-160 is required for a person who is willing to work or study in the United States or wants to travel the US for an extended period of time. If you are a student of University and want to learn your education from US educational institutions, then you will require an application form for the legal entrance in the United States, and this form is DS-160. This is the form that will proceed your information to the US government and make it clear about your visit to the United States. This form contains your information and the purpose of your travelling to the United States.

After filling out this form successfully and after its approval, the US embassy will conduct your interview, and then you will be able to travel to the United States for your study and work.

Ds-160  Form Changes After Submitting:

While filling out your DS-160 form online, you must have prior knowledge and acquaintance about the information and details required to be mentioned in the application form.

If, due to any reason, you have committed a mistake in your name spellings or mentioned the wrong date of birth, and you submitted the form. Then there is no official option provided on the website to go back and redo the form and edit the information. If you have made a significant mistake in important details asked by the US government, you will need to submit the new form with accurate and correct information. If you don’t have committed a major mistake in any important information, then it will not cause a significant problem for you.

It will be better for you to submit an updated form before your consular interview. It will reduce the chances of the denial of your DS-160 application.

Within 30 Days:

If you found that you have made any mistake in your submitted DS-160 form, and the state department related to the visa process have not given any option to amend the application form, then you can submit the new application form.

  • To make corrections in the application form is not as difficult if you can get back to your application form, which you have submitted previously and wanted to make the corrections in it.
  • If your application form has been less than 30 days of its submission, then you can visit the Consular Electronic Application Center (CEAC) website and can see the DS-160 form page.
  • On that page, you need to click on the option “Retrieve an Application” a menu for previous applications will be opened. In that menu, you will be asked to enter your previous DS-160 ID, which you have been given while submitting your application form.
  • After entering your ID, a new dialogue box will be open by the name ” Create an Application”. Here, some security questions will be asked for getting back to the application form where you can rectify your mistakes.
  • After checking and rectification of application form, you will need to electronically sign it, and then you will submit it.
  • On the day of your interview at the US embassy, an printed and updated application form must be with you.

After 30 Days:

It is possible to upload again the application which was filed previously and contained errors in it if it has been more than thirty days from its initial submission.

To do this, follow this process.

  1. . Open Consular Electronic Application Center (CEAC) website and click on the option ” Upload an Application.”
  2. . Select the embassy or consulate from the menu in which you have submitted the DS-160 initially and then click on ” Upload an Application.”
  3. . After amendments and modifications in the application, save the application and submit it.
  4. . Then, you will be able to get the confirmation and new bar code from there.

In case you have not saved your previous application, then after 30 days, you will have to start from the initial point. You will have to file out the new DS-160 application form on the CEAC website and submit it.

Guideline to filling the DS-160 form:

  1. Before filling out the application form, you must have knowledge about which Visa category you are applying for. You can also consult the immigration lawyer if you are not clear about which Visa will be required for your application.
  2. Required documents must be present at the time of filling DS-160. Your passport should have a validity of six months beyond that date which was mentioned in your application form.
  3. Your image, in digital form, should not be prior to 6 months.
  4. If you have any visits to the United States before this application, you will need to mention your previous visiting dates.
  5. You will need to provide the information about the social media accounts that you are using at the time of filling DS-160 form. You can provide your Username Url link to your social media account. You do not need to provide the password of any account.
  6. You will also need to input the information about your education, career, hobbies or usual activities while filling out the form.
  7. When you fill out the DS-160 form completely, you just need to save and remember your application ID. You can also save your DS-160 form on your computer.
  8. At the finishing process, you can also have the choice to revisit the application form and analyze the information you have put in before.
  9. After finishing, you will have to sign electronically by clicking on ” Sign application.”

When your form is completed successfully, a barcode will be provided to you.

Some Rules Fill Up DS-160 Form:

The filling out the process of DS-160 is somewhat a complex and complicated process in its nature. You must have the knowledge and proper method required to complete it.

Here, we are going to discuss five essential tips which will be helpful for you in completing your DS-160 application form.

Remember Application Number:

Your application ID number is one of the most important things that need to be kept safely for the proper procession of your DS-160 form in future. Without your application number, you will not be able to get access to your form.

After completing your form, you must save your application number on your computer, in your diary, or your mind, and don’t forget it.

Patience Fill Up a Form:

If you stop working on the website while filling out your DS-160 form, your current application time will be expired. Then you will have to start from the beginning. To avoid this problem, you need to file out your application without any delay or interruption, or you need to save your application and its number on a computer. After being saved, the application will be resumed from that point where you have stopped it.

Your Important Documents:

There are many documents and pieces of information that will be needed for the completion of your DS-160! form. It is good for you that all the required documents and information must be in your presence while your application filling process is on the internet. Otherwise, you will face several session timeouts, and it will cause a delay in your application process.

Digital photograph:

Your picture is considered as your identity on the DS-160 form. So it is required that your picture must have a plain or white background and be displayed in proper size and angle. The picture should not be older than six months at the time of filling out the form. If your picture does not show your identity properly, then your application will be denied and rejected.

All Questions Answer English Language:

It is required that all answers in the DS-160 form should be provided in English language and English characters. In a section, it is asked that you write your name in native alphabets, then there you can write your name in your native language.

Do you have any other relative in the United States, F1 Visa?

If you have any other relative in the United States having an F1 visa, it means he is a student. The students who want to study in the United States as international students are required to fill out the DS -160 F1 form. The submission of this form will inform the US government that you are a legal student studying in the United States. This form contains professional, academic, and contact information that you will need to provide.

If you have already a relative in the United States with an F1 form, then it will be easy for you to get all relevant information about this form from him. It will increase the chances of acceptance of your application form.

Do you have any other relative in the United States brother-in-Law?

The questions about relatives in the United States are asked for the purpose of scrutinizing the legal perspectives of your existence in the United States. By submitting these answers, they will analyze your data and confirm all required details about you. If you have any cousin, relative, brother-in-law in the United States, you can mention it there.


In this article, we have discussed in detail all the information about the nonimmigrant Visa application DS-160 form. After reading this article, you have learned What is DS-160 form is and its importance in getting the working or study Visa of the United States. We discussed in detail also “Do you have any immediate relatives not including parents in the United States?” in filing out DS-160 form.

We have also discussed the filing out tips for this application form So that you can easily file out your application form. You must need to fill out your form with full attention and consciousness so that your application cannot be rejected or denied.

Frequently Asked Question:

Q1: Do you have any immediate relatives in the US?

Ans: If you have any immediate relative in the United States, then he can petition for you to live in the United States permanently. The immediate relatives are the spouse, an unmarried child who has the age of 21 years, and the Parent.

Q2: Do you have any immediate relatives, not parents in the United States, for h4 Visa?

The USCIS will allow immediate family members of H-visa holders, including the H1B visa, to obtain an H4 visa to lawfully come and stay in the US with their spouse or Parent. So if you have a relative of h4 Visa in the United States, it can be a plus point for you.

Q3: Do you have relatives in the United States?

Ans: This is a question asked by the US government while filling out the DS-160 form to scrutinize the lawful residency of you and your relative in the United States. If you have any relative living in the US as a permanent resident, you can answer this question as “yes.”

Q4: Do you have any other relatives in United States DS-160?

Ans: If you have a relative or a cousin in the United States having a working or study Visa and he is a lawful resident of the US, then you can also apply and file out the Form DS-160. These types of questions can be asked in an interview and filling out the form for understanding the ground for your legal and ethical existence in the United States.

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