Date of Departure From U.S Ds 160

It is a form also referred to as an online Non-immigrant visa application utilized to apply for short-term United States visas. You have to provide the information about yourself and your family with a passport number. The DS-160 is used for applying for non-immigrant visas; if you wish for permanent relocation in the U.S., you have to get a green card.

Keep reading to find out more about the date of departure from U.S DS 160: 

Form Fill Up Ds 160 Process:

 The more straightforward way to fill the state is to follow some steps given below.

Step.01 Personnel data.

In the first step to fill the Form, you have to put in the personnel information like your name, marital status, and date of birth.

Step 02: Travel Data.

In this step, you have to provide your travel plans, containing the reason for your journey to the United States, the dates of arrival, and leaving, and the address of your stay in the United States. Incase of not having any decided plans you can just provide the estimated dates.

Step 03:  Travel Partner.

Here you have to put the information of someone whom you are travelling with. This can be your family, friends or members of any related tour group. You don’t have to mention your work colleagues that are travelling with you. You have to make sure that everyone who travels still needs their own DS-160 Form.
Step 04:  Last U.S Travel.

In this step you have to mention about the past U.S Travel, and you have to add dates with the details. You have to show if you have any experience of being refused a U.S Visa, or if you have ever filed an immigration petition with U.S Citizenship and Immigiration Services.

Step 05: Contact Number and Address.

This is the easier part. You have to just fill in your phone number, ct address and your email address. You have, andmention the social media accounts that have been in your use for about the past five years. You will need to just list them and no need to mention their passwords. You have to provide the list of your ID’s like any Facebook or Twitter accounts. This is a recent added term to DS-160 with USCIS now needing to review your social media occupation to check your application.
Step06: Passport Information.

Here you will be asked for your passport information like your ‘Passport Book Number’. If you country don’t use this number then just check ‘Does Not Apply’

Step 07: Contact person in U.S.

If you already know anyone in the United States then list his or her name. If not, don’t worry at all and in this case, select the organisation’s name, which is your destination.

Step 08: blood relative or Cousins.

Then put your basic personal information like name and Fathers’ names and relatives in the United States. And in case you have happily married, you will be asked for your spouse’s name, home address, date of birth, and nationality.

Step 09:Education, Training and Work.

In this section, you fill in the last five years of your educational, professional, and employment history. You are also required to give details about your travel history and any other skills you master in or even if you had worked for any charity, military group, or any other non-profitable organization you have worked for.

Step 10:Background details and Security.

In this 10th step of the process, how to fill up an online visa form of the U.S D.S-160.for that you have to give answers to almost 25 questions in the opinionated format: Yes or NO. And while answering these questions for the online process, one must be alert and provide the answers to the question accurately asked in this category because it will directly affect your visa application.

 Step 11:Picture of the applicant.

You need to upload a picture of specific standards required for visa application, like the image size and visibility.

 Step 12:Review, Confirm location, Sign and Submit.

In this, you are allowed to read the terms and conditions and confirm the location and finally submit for once.

Arrival and Date of Departure from U.s Ds 160:

 Arrival is the scheduled date at which a person comes to a place. So in this section yo, you have to give information about the dates of the rival and date of departure from US ds 160. For example, if your arrival date is  January 1st to January 30.

Add Addressee You Will Stay In the U.S. Ds 160:

The Form includes several questions about the address where you will remain in the U.S. for that reason, the most advisable explanation are that home address must be addressed abroad from the United States like your own country where you are applying for a visa.

U.s  Point of Contact Information Ds-160:

Your U.S. point of contact is described on your 120. They are a school official usually from the office of international admissions. The address is the college address provided on your 120. And their email address and contact number can be observed on the website. 

Person Paying for Trip Ds-160 b2 Parents:

If you are paying for it, tell yourself. If it is sponsored by parents, son or daughter, brother or sister, or any relative should be named in case of it being paid by your employer or any organization in the U.S. appealing to you for a lecture; then you have to name them.

Do You Have Any Other Relatives in the United States Ds-160:

To answer this question you have to mention if you have an immediate relative in the U. S. Immediate relative refers to fiance or fiancee, spouse (husband or wife) child ( son or daughter) and siblings ( brother or sister) ; it does not contain parents.

So this was a brief explanation of the date of departure from us ds 160 and this is very helpful information for applicants who want to go abroad specifically in the United States for short-term periods for education purposes or professional work.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How many days is the DS-160 valid after submission? 

The validity of DS-160 visa application is limited to 30 days. If the date of validity is crossed, you will have to fill out the DS-160 Form again.

What is the intended date of arrival?

It is the date when you come to the destination. People consider that applicant start the application process about 3 months before their intended date of travel since appointments usually are full 2-3 months in advance.

How many months is the DS-160 valid?

The Form of DS-160 has a validity of around 30 days which amounts to a total of one month. Therefore, DS-160 is valid for one month.

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