New F1 Visa Rules 2022

There are so many F1 visa rules which have been changed recently. The USCIS(United States Citizenship) announced changing the new F1 visa rules in 2022. After looking at the new regulations, we have come to know that these changes are primarily for the benefit of all. First of all, there is a decrease in the expenses for both the Applicant and the federal government.

The rules are beneficial for H1B visa holder children when they are aged up. Moreover, US advocates of immigration processes are trying to end up visa limits and improve the chances of visa availability. For everyone. This is why the new rule of F1 visas is being welcomed wholeheartedly. But the F1 visa holders are advised not to break any law listed in their key in any case. It can be taken as an infringement.

Perks of Getting an F1 Visa:

Following are the benefits of having an F1 visa:-

  • Firstly, we can work part-time and even off-campus employment if we need financial help.
  • It will be legally approved.
  • Secondly, we can study full-time in any program through an F1 visa.
  • We can easily switch from one school and program to another.
  • We will simply inform them about the change in USCIS.

How to Apply for an F1 Visa in 2022:


Undoubtedly applying for an F1 visa is quite complicated but don’t panic. Firstly, You will have to apply to SEVP school, which will lead you to Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS). Here, after paying the SEVIS I-901 fee, it will provide you with an I-20 form, which finally takes you to the US Embassy.

How Long an Applicant Has to Wait for f1 Approval?

Here comes a logical task: managing the time before starting your desired program. So make sure to get the visa at least 30 days before starting your degree or program; otherwise, you won’t be allowed to enter the US. We can check our application’s processing time by checking out some given links based on particular programs.

Possibly an applicant through USCIS may have to wait for six months or more. So he would be likely to apply earlier. Most Applicant of an F1 visa gets a reply immediately after the interview in some days. In 2021, 1-20 SEVIS forms will take about three to seven business days.

Can We Work With the Student f1 Visa?

Well, it is one of the best F1 visa latest rules. Students of F1 can work through the F1 visa OPT. OPT(Optional practical training) makes students work in their desired employment about their area of study. Students need to apply for 12 months OPT program. Don’t get late for an F1 work visa. Suitable time is using right after 60 days of the program.

New f1 Visa Rules 2021:

According to the previous rules, getting an F1 visa before 30 days of the program’s start was obligatory. Comparatively, the Applicant is given the F1 status as soon as approved.

The significant aspect of the current rule is the need to send applications again and again for extending nonimmigrant status or changing their position. USCIS has granted a Form I-539 specifically for the change of status or raising the nonimmigrant status

F1 Visa Interviews Questions 2021:

We can’t take interviews lightly once we get selected by any school or university in the US. It can make you lose your chance. So make yourself ready for every possible question. Go through all the sites, for instance, the US department of state. F1 Questions revolve around the study plans, why we chose that particular institute, and the program.

F1 visa Requirements 2022:

Sometimes, We may get rejected just because of not fulfilling the specific visa requirements. F1 visa requirements include a valid password, the visa fee receipt, two photographs, and an I-20 form. Must have all the documents concerning previous and recent qualifications.

F1 Visa Latest News 2020 Today:

The requirements, rules, and regulations keep changing nowadays as it is the time of the pandemic. We must have an up to date information to proceed. If our sponsoring company happens to be fraudulent, what can we do? We can go with another visa after the cancellation of the previous one. Moreover, we can change the status from F1 to O-1 after the petition’s approval.

F1 Visa 5-Month Rule:

The F1 visa 5-month rule applies only to F1 students. If any F1 student leaves the US for more than five years continuously, he will not be able to enter the US based on his previous data. He needs a new F1 with a unique SEVIS number. He will have to pay the SEVIS fee again, but he won’t need an F1 Stamp on his passport if it is still valid.

F1 Visa Interview Questions and Answers for Undergraduates:

Answering undergraduate questions is not a piece of cake. An interviewee should have a grip. For instance, Q, How will you meet your education expenses? Explain your sponsor and his income and packages with documents as proof. Discuss other sources like scholarships and loans, if you have.


The world has been changed a lot by the advent of pandemic viruses. It is not wrong to say that these changes are for our good. All the new F1 visa rules in 2022 have proved beneficial and convenient for everyone.

How can I change my F1 visa to a green card?

Green card status can be achieved by seeking asylum, green card lottery, marrying a US citizen or someone with a green card, Taking part in military service, and sponsorships.

How many years is an F1 visa valid for?

Although an F1 visa is valid for five years, sometimes it expires within 2 or 3 years. Your visa stamp expires before the completion of the degree. Here don’t panic as you will be given a new I-20.

Can F1 students take an online class in the fall of 2021?

F1 visa holders studying in the US can continue their studies online if the department asks. They will give OIS LOF( leave of Absence) before the fall classes start online.

When can you enter the US with an F1 visa?

Students with F1 visas can enter the US before 30 days from their program but not more than 30 days. First, they will present the data to the immigration officer with all the documents and passports.

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