I Think My Husband Married Me For A Green Card

We know that a marriage-based green card is one of the fastest ways to a green card. All a person has to do is find someone to marry and get the documents done. However, it is getting easier but complicated and devastating on the other hand. For the sake of a green card, Applicants use marriage as their means of permanent citizenship.

We often hear statements, like I think my husband married me for a green card, and even women are involved here. Nowadays, we can’t take marriage-based green cards for granted. It is because the USCIS’s security is getting harder to find out if the marriage is for real or not. Moreover, how can we save ourselves from falling prey to fraudulent marriages? We should have enough insight into the person’s plans and goals in life to find out their priorities.

How To Tell If Someone Is Marrying Me For A Green Card:

We can spill the beans about someone based on some guidelines that we will discuss.

Their personality and appearance have a few unmatched features if we talk about their character and appearance. They have a charming nature by which they always try to grasp you in their fist. Being geniuses and intelligent, they won’t include relatives and neighbors in the marriage process. These cheaters are nicer as long as you are not married. The day you get married is the end of sweetness and the start of cheating. Try to find out what your inner self is trying to instruct.

Let’s through light on some reality-based cases where the husband or wife left after getting the green card.


Can I Stop My Husband From Getting Citizenship?

Well, it depends on the time you realize that the process will work or not. If the USCIS has not worked on the I-751 yet, you can file the letter for withdrawal of the joint petition and don’t attend an interview. But if, unfortunately, your husband has already got a green card, you can’t stop him from getting citizenship except reporting to the USCIS and ICE. But you must be extra efficient when writing as your words can be turned against you.

My Immigrant Husband Abandoned Me When He Got The Green Card:

We have a lot more cases about the victims of fraudulent marriages. In one of them, the husband left right after having the green card with all the responsibilities left for the spouse. He started making things complicated as the means for separation. But the problem is that it’s been five months, but he is not filing the divorce although his wife is trying to start a new life. Here all she can or must do is file for divorce on her own and inform the USCIS and ICE about the marriage fraud as it is a federal offense.

After Having Child, Husband Wants Divorce Saying He married For The Sake Of Green Card:

It is devastating if any of the partners right after having the green card, regardless of their child. But mostly have the cases where the husband leaves after the wife gets pregnant and gets his green card. Although the wife can’t change his immigration status, the husband will be compelled to take the child’s expenses the child receives 18 or 20 years old. Much she can do, is to send reporting to the USCIS.

Processing Time Of A Marriage-Based Green Card:

The period for a marriage-based green card depends on the spouse‘s green card. If your spouse is a citizen of the US and is currently in the US, it will take about 14 to 28 months. On the other hand, if the spouse is a green card holder and is in the US, it will take 22 to 36 months. So if the person wants to find out the partner’s real intention, the following time would be enough.

Marriage Fraud Forgiveness:

We are going to talk about waiver 237(a)(1)(H). This waiver paves the way for the one who committed marriage fraud for a green card. They are admitted to keeping the family’s unity and positive atmosphere. But the waiver has still not been entirely adjusted as it is unpublished.

I Think My Husband Married Me For A Green Card Reddit?

You need the most profound insight if you want to find out someone’s real intentions. They are super talented in this play. We have a case where the husband kept saying that he was not there just for the green card from the first day of the relationship. He started living separately, saying, “we need some time to get back.” The dialogue shows how he tried to save the marriage but not a relation. He even went to the army so that he would continue through the military after the divorce.


What happens when you report a fake marriage?

Getting married for a green card is risky as it can take the person straight to jail for five years. If the spouse or anyone reports someone of fake or fraud marriage, it can cause five years jail, immediate expulsion from the US, and even a fine of 250,000$.

What are the signs of being used for a green card?

The first sign is of a fraud partner is continuous talking and working for the green card process. Full of fake love, but you will always feel uncontented. That person will never feel interested in meeting relatives. For them, it doesn’t matter how long you stay anywhere and even overnight.

How do I report a fake immigration marriage?

You can report the ICE(immigrant and customs enforcement) by calling their number and contacting their website ice.gov. The ICE is the federal law of the US homeland security department working specifically to find and punish marriage frauds.


We have realized an increase in the cases of fake marriage for green cards. But the ICE under the USCIS is working strictly, that it labeled fraudulent even the couples who claimed about the reality of their marriages.

Mostly we find women talking, “I think my husband married me for a green card” all of them should be efficient enough to find their spouse’s intentions before he gets the green card. Otherwise, she would be able to do nothing except being left alone.

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