I-751 How Many Months of Bank Statements

A marriage-based green card is regarded as one of the easiest ways of getting a green card. When a person gets his marriage-based green card, it is firstly just a two-year conditional green card. Here is the time to use petition I-751, which is the petition for upgrading the 2 years condition green card. It works by removing conditions from the green card and turning it into a 10-year green card.

It takes some months to process. Bank statements are a must when applying for I-751. Their need is to check and make sure about the person’s financial status. Secondly, USCIS takes these statements to find out if the documents are authentic. So people asking for I-751 how many months of bank statements they will need should know that it doesn’t include all months statements. In fact, just a few statements are more than enough.

How Many Bank statements Are Required To Send I-751?

There is no need to worry about how many months and statements will be required. Because fortunately, for I-751 only one bank statement is enough. These bank statements should be a few months, say 3 to 4 months.

I-751 How Many Months Of Bank Statements?

For this petition, only 3 months of statements would be enough. For instance, If a couple joined account for 3 years in September 2013 and are married for 2 years, they will submit statements of 3 to 4 months since September 2013. But in a case when the person is married to present, he shouldn’t include statements continuous in a row. Instead, these months should be spread out from the month of marriage.

As the USCIS wants to make sure of our assets and financial stability, these statements have a lot to do in this regard.

Does USCIS Checks Bank Statements?

Yes, there are several reasons why USCIS asks for bank statements. If the person doesn’t provide, it can undermine his I-751 petition processing. Possible reasons for providing statements are;

  • For verifying information that the applicant has provided.
  • To make sure the applicant has respected all the conditions of the f1 visa.
  • To see if the person has earned legally during f1 visa.

Documents Required For I-751:

Following are the documents that must be provided with the I-751 petition. These documents are still limited as the USCIS may ask for additional documents.

  • pieces of evidence of a bonafide marriage are needed to make USCIS believe that the marriage is based on truth and amicable relations. The purpose of marriage was not getting a green card or anything else.
  • Proofs of common couple’s residence by mortgage contracts.
  • Birth certificates of their children by this marriage.
  • Couples should have financial records showing their mutual assets or joined responsibilities prooves.
  • Affidavits
  • Pictures of the couple together. Besides this, couples must consider every document showing their marriage is not fake or elude and offend immigration laws.

Denial Rate of I-751 Its Reasons:

About 9% of I-751 petitions are denied. Thousands of these petitions are rejected because the application was not formed appropriately or lacks certain things. Reasons for its denial are as follows;

  • The foremost thing which should be given much importance is providing enough proof of the bonafide marriage otherwise, it gets rejected.
  • Filing i-751 before or after 90 days causes denial. So it should be filed within 90 days before CR-1 expiry.
  • Signs of inclusion in any past criminal activity.
  • Applicant or spouse didn’t appear in the USCIS interview.

Interview Experience Of I-751 2022:

The first step is getting vows from the applicant that he will tell the truth. Only the woman who applied was interviewed, not her husband. After informing the name, DOB, and address, she was asked about the proofs. She showed her job yearly reviews, patient programs, tax returns and affidavit letters from friends, etc. After that, the officer asked how she and her husband managed to spend time together while working.

People Also Ask.

How many bank statements do I need for immigration?

For a joint account, you will have 12 months of statements, but if you have 3 years of joint accounts, then 3 years of statements are required.

Do I need to send pictures with I-751?

Yes, you will need to send 2 passport size photos of you and the dependent. Photos should be colored.

Which supporting documents I should have for I-751?

Documents should cover your financial status, communal residence, personal information, affidavits, and evidence of bonafide marriage.

Wrap up.

Petition i-751 is obligatory to transform the 2 years green card into 10 years. But it requires bank statements to proceed. Question i-751 how many months of bank statements depend on the period for which the couple has joined the account.

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