I-485 Approved Without Interview [Apply Green Card Process]

Millions of people are heading towards the US for a better study standard. Studying in the US has become people’s goal. Students and people who went there by visa other than study visa can adjust there permanently. The i-485 requires an essential process that the applicant must go through effectively.

Application i-485 is also called the adjustment of status. The process starts with the form i-485, which leads you to the destination of the green card. For every visa, we have to cover the interview part efficiently; otherwise, the interviewer can reject us. But there is an exception here; most people ask how to get i-485 approved without an interview.

After the application approval, the applicant’s status changes from immigrant status to nonimmigrant status. This application comes with many opportunities for higher standards and freedom from the restrictions of the other bound visa.

What Is I-485?

I-485 is an application for people who want to get a green card to attain permanent status in the US. However, getting the i-485 approved is not easy. It requires a lot of factors to cover. For instance, it is based on the applicant’s nationality, age, and marital status. All the data is checked and verified by congress.


In addition to this, it is confirmed whether the applicants have entered the US through acceptable valid means or not. They make sure about their refugee and asylum status of entry. Some crucial requirements that the applicant needs to fulfill are the applicant’s presence within the US, form I-130 for the relative’s purpose applicants, and the valid entry documentation.

USCIS Approving I-485 Without Interview:

Congratulation to all the people applying for i-485 by an employment-based application. Not the applicants can access their green cards without appearing in an interview as there is no interview. Hence, there is no EAD or AP issue. It is also because the employment-based cases have less ratio of scams and frauds. The USCIS can carry on the process without an interview because the DOl PERM verifies employment-based applicants.

As most of the Employment-based categories such, as i-140, H, and L type visa holders have already been interviewed by the US embassy when they applied for their visa, this is also one of the primary reasons for interview elimination.

Requirements For i-485:

Although the USCIS has excluded the interview part, the i-485 needs some requirements that the applicant has to fulfill. Before granting the green card, the USCIS makes 100% surety of all the data about the applicant. Following are the key points essential to consider for i-485 approval.

  • Initially, all the documents should be lawful and accurate.
  • The form i-140 must be approved to proceed with the process.
  • The medical report is also mandatory during the pandemic time. It includes information about the vaccinations reports.

Why Is the Interview Waived Now?

We already have discussed that the USCIS has waived interviews for employment-based applicants. But it is compulsory for family-based green cards. Because in the family-based process, the USCIS doesn’t have information about the background of the persons, so it is crucial to have every information about them.

But it is believed that the reason for interviews exclusion is the USCIS is trying to avoid the Green card numbers wastage. It is a pretty good and beneficial step by the USCIS. Many people have been informed about the immediate and fast work done by the USCIS.

They have been told that they got their green cards within one month as soon as they submitted the medical RFE. Even some people have claimed that they got their visa within a couple of weeks.

What Happens After I-485 Case Is Approved?

When the application I-485 is approved, the applicant gets the mail with form I-551, a permanent card. This permanent card is not valid for more than ten days, so the applicant applies for US citizenship on receiving the card.

When the i-485 form is approved, their status changes from an immigrant to a legitimate resident. The applicant, after the approval, enjoys all the rights that are given to all the citizens of the US. The chain of restrictions no more binds him.

How To Track i-485 status?

Undoubtedly, the i-485 application can take months to get processed. The applicant is often confused about whether the USCIS is processing the application or just left behind. The applicant can quickly check where the application has reached so far to avoid these troubling thoughts. I-797C is the form which the applicant requires to check the status of the application.

Form I-797C is the confirmation answer by the USCIS to inform them that they have received the application. 13 characters on that form are used to track the process. Applicants can check the status on the case status online page.

I-485 Approved Without Interview Reddit.

Unlike previous procedures when interviews were mandatory, all you have to do is apply for the employment-based green card and see what happens. You will check out the status of your application for confirmation. But here, you will be grateful to read those words saying, ” we approved your Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status”. It means that you got i-485 approved without an interview.


Are green card interviews being waived in 2021?

Yes, it is to lighten the covid travel restrictions. The interview requirements have been waived for 50,000 immigrants present in the US. The US Department of State took the decision.

What about VAWA green card without an interview?

The VAWA application is a self-petition to get a VAWA green card. Form I-360 is used to apply for this type of green card. By law, there will be no need to interview your offensive partner, and self-petition is taken control of by the US.

How long does it take to get a green card after VAWA approved 2019?

At first, you will need to file Form I-360, which will take about one year to 21 months. It is a long period which the USCIS takes to process the VAWA application.

Wrap up.

Before the advent of i-485 approved without an interview, the applicants had to prepare themselves for every possible question which could come to their minds. So this has revealed that the USCIS is trying to make things easier and better for the people.

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