How Long Does It Take for I-130 to Get Approved for Spouse?

I-130 is a petition, especially for the relative of US citizens and green card holders’ relatives. If the US citizens want any of their relatives to come to the US and live there, then they will file form I-130. The major reason for filing I-130 is because the US citizen wants to establish a relationship with the relative.

But that’s not enough because the immigrant must cover the eligibility criteria designed by the USCIS, otherwise, it will be difficult for them to go forward. After getting the I-130 approved, the next step is applying for the green card for which there is an eligibility criterion. As people make planning in advance so they need information about how long does it take for I-130 to get approved for spouse. Let’s figure out how much time does it require.

What Is USCIS Form I-130?

  • Form I-130 is a petition for Alien relatives of US citizens.
  • For instance, the immigrant wants to come to the US because they want to make a relationship or want to work in the US.
  • We can say that it can be for marriage purposes.
  • Although it is quite helpful but complex.
  • Complex in a way that it is not easy to ensure the USCIS about the relationship.

How Much Does the I-130 Cost?

Before going forward, both the US citizen and alien relative must have known how much does the I-130 cost. First of all, they will choose the best-suited way to file the fee. For instance, they can pay by cashier check and credit card. Form G-1450 is needed when paying by credit card. The estimated filing fee for I-130 is 535$.

Secondly, the applicant should keep in mind that the filing fee is absolutely non-refundable. This means that once the petitioner has filed the fee, there is no way of getting it back even after withdrawing and any kind of request.

Form I-130 Required Documents:

Submitting appropriate documents for I-130 is highly exigent. The reason is that documents us to ensure the USCIS of our authenticity that our relationship to the immigrant is real. Firstly, the petitioner’s data include his or her address and employment history, any previously filed petition, and the previous marriage record dates.

 The same data is needed about the beneficiary with I-94 data, in case the beneficiary is currently in the US. Moreover, status proofs, Form I-130A, cover letters, of bonafide marriage, and photos must be included. 

How Long Does It Take For I-130 To Get Approved For Spouse 2021?

Getting from I-130 approved can take about 5 to 12 months even it is filed for immediate relatives as for the spouse. But if the petitioner is filing the form for other relatives, then it can take even several years. Keeping the required time in mind, it is advised that the petitioner should file earlier so that they will be able to manage the time. 

Firstly, we can check the status of our application online via receipt number. So the petitioner should check the possible processing times, if the application has exceeded that limit, then case inquiry is the next option.

I-130 Processing Time For Spouse 2022:

If the US citizen is filing 1-130 for the Alien relative then the possible time limit for getting the form is about 7 to 32 months. Besides this, filing for the spouse takes 5 to 12 months. After getting the immigrant visa, the immigrant will finally be able to come to the US.

Why Is My I-130 Taking So Long 2022?

As we already have discussed that the processing time depends on the particular relationship of an immigrant and the petitioner. But now it depends on the specific USCIS field also, where the petitioner has filed the form. Unlike 2022, the processing time for the immediate relatives has increased to a maximum of 50 months. This is because of the difference in the processing time of Nebraska and the Texas service.

I-130 Approved, How Long To Wait?

Having the form I-130 approved is not the end of the process, as it can’t let an immigrant come to the US. The petitioner should understand that it is just the start of their process. After the approval of the I-130, the next step is finally getting the visa which can take a further 8 to 10 months. If the petitioner has filed appropriately, submitted all the required documents, and has an immediate relationship, then it will reduce the processing time.

I-130 Processing Time For Parents:

Firstly, we should know that the parents come in the category of immediate relatives so filing I-130 processing time for parents can take 4 to 37 months in 2022. Moreover, if the petitioner doesn’t have enough time, then he should start working on the application as soon as possible.


 How long does it take for I-130 to be approved in 2022?

If there is an immediate relationship, then it will take 7 to 32 months to get approved. On the other hand, for other relatives, I-130 can take several years.

How long does it take for I-130 to get approved for spouse 2021?

Filing for immediate relatives takes less time as compared to others. In fact, if the petitioner is filing for the spouse, then it will only take 5 to 12 months.

 How Can I Get I-130 Approved Fast?

To speed up the process make sure that all the documents that you are submitting are appropriate and without any mistakes, pay the premium processing fee, hire a professional lawyer, or request for speedy processing.

 What happens after submitting I-130?

After submitting the I-130, there is a lot of work to do. When you find out that your I-130 has been approved, the next step is applying for a green card for permanent residence in the US.

 How do I know if my I-130 has been approved?

If you have filed your I-130 in the right way, the USCIS sends the receipt notice via mail which is the notice of the action. It is the form I-797C which we receive in a few weeks which means approval of the form.

Wrap up:

If a person wants to know how long does it take for I-130 to get approved for a spouse, then he must keep in mind that the processing time depends on many factors. 

These factors include relationship, type of service, and proper documentation also. But if it exceeds the limit, then the case inquiry is required here.

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