How To Get a Green card In The USA Without Marriage

Green card has a lot to offer. It is a card for permanent residency in the USA. Although the US is offering various other kinds of visas also, the green card allows them to live and work freely and officially anywhere in the US. The US issues green cards to millions of people every year. Most of the green card is received through marriage. It is believed that it is the most common and easiest way to get yourself approved for a green card.

But there the question arises that how to get a green card in the USA without marriage. What are the other possible ways by which we can access green cards? Some green card holders come from people with employment opportunities, researchers, professors, and outstanding students. The other part comes from the families of the green card holders or US citizens. After getting a green card, we can be qualified for permanent citizenship in the US.

The processing time for getting the green card depends on the country you are applying to and the card type.

How Can I Get A US Greencard Without Marriage?

Let’s discuss other plans for getting a US Visa Other than marriage. Most people want permanent US citizenship, but they don’t want to marry early. We are going to figure out ways, especially for those.

Employment-Based Green Card:

The employment-based green card comes in various categories. Different types of workers qualify for employment-based green cards. Let’s have a look at these subclasses.

These include professionals, investors, students with outstanding abilities, physicians, and workers with some specialties.

EB-1(Leading workers):

Students or people with extraordinary qualities in academics or sports are included in the leading people. For instance, if they have acquired much in their fields and have topped. Researchers and experienced professors who have proved their expertise amazingly also come in the following category. As we know, the managers and executives participate a lot in the economy of any country. So if a manager is professional and multinational, his chances of getting a green card will be improved.

EB-2(People with unmatched qualities):

There is a particular criterion that you need to fulfill for any post before applying. For instance, Mostly they ask for a master’s degree or bachelor’s degree to apply. Not only qualification but experience also goes with it. Exceptional qualities will make you succeed. If you have five years of experience and have passed the degree with distinction, it will increase the chances of a green card. People working in one area and then qualifying for the other one also qualify for this reason.

EB-3(skilled or professionals):

Some posts will ask for skilled applicants having about 2 to 3 years of experience. Apart from this, some posts don’t need skills or experience. They may also have a bachelor’s degree criterion from the US or non-US institution.

EB-4(Media and religious workers):

This category has some abilities of power. They may have worked socially. For example, take people from the countries who have served the US somehow. Nowadays, media has a significant impact on people’s lives and contributes a lot to every country and shapes societies. So having media professionals is not a bad idea. Experienced media workers are welcomed in the US by offering green cards. Some religious capacities have famous and respectable identities, and some other employees have also been added to this category.


This category works only for the financially quite strong people who can invest and create new posts for people. Suppose a nonimmigrant person works for any unemployed area and creates at least ten seats. In that case, he will quickly get the US permanent citizenship ticket.


Investment-based Green Card:

An investment-based green card is working a lot for the USA as it is declining its ratio of unemployment. This category was formulated by congress in 1990. This has proved to be a beneficial step as it has contributed a lot to the US economy. The EB-5 is the fifth category of employment-based green cards. For this, international investors take part in the commercial enterprise of the US.

Special Immigrants Green Card:

A special immigrant’s green card applies to the person who fulfills the criteria designed for that particular category. Special immigrants may include special juveniles also. It means dependent children whose parents have abused or left them. The juvenile court will protect the children, and in this way, they will get a special immigrant green card.

There are some requirements for juvenile special green cards. First of all, the affected one must be under the age of 21 and unmarried. The applicant must be living in the united states and have valid orders proofs. After that, he will go for the petition Form ( I-360). The USCIS will start working on the petition right there. The other important thing to note is that the person can’t return to their parents as he is abused and neglected and can’t return to the home country.

In addition to this, Afghanistan and Iraq nationals who have served the USA’s government, religious workers, physicians, canal and Panama employees, and the members of armed forces are all in the green card special immigrants category.

Other Green Card Catagories:

There are various categories by which we can apply for a green card. A person who cannot prove himself right for one type may fall into another category. Let’s check out different avenues for green cards.

Cuban Adjustment Act:

If the people from Cuban meet some designed requirements, then they will likely get the green card approved. The condition is that they must be the children or spouse of the Cuban nationality, must be living in the US, and must have Cuban documents, i.e., birth certificates or passports. The applicant will file form I-485 as a petition so that USCIS will start working and decide.

Lautenberg Parolee:

Lautenberg gives opportunities for green cards to even religious minorities of the former regions of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and the soviet. They enter the US on generous grounds and apply for permanent citizenship.

American Indian:

American law can’t refuse the person born in Canada and having American Indian blood. You will file the petition, and the USCIS will make sure that you are born in Canada by your birth documents and that you really want to live in the US permanently. He must have at least 50% of the American Indian blood.

Diversity Immigrant Visa:

Every year about 50,000 visas are left for the category of DV, diversity immigrant visa. The USCIS checks out which countries have the lowest US immigration rates. In this way, they randomly select the entries, especially from those countries. Lottery winners also come in this category, and they are processed by their application for the adjustment of statuses.

The persons applying through the DOS lottery visa must have proof of their lottery and must have immigrant status documents when filing form I-485. The diversity visa receivers must compete for their adjustment of status processes by September 30; after that, their visa won’t help ve valid for the following year.

Green Card Without Marriage: What To Consider?

If a person doesn’t want to get married yet or he wants to get married. Still, he is unable to fulfill all the requirements mentioned in that category. He will need to look upon the other ways by which they can get the visa. But for this, he will need to analyze himself elaborately. The person will critically analyze his interests, qualifications, nature, nationality, and whether he lies in any of the green card categories perfectly or not. It will give him insights into the right path.

But again, he can’t just go ahead with his interests and qualifications; the other significant aspects and tests would be the requirements of the USCIS for any particular category. He will apply and file the petition, and USCIS will decide on his outcomes. For instance, if an applicant has chosen employment or workers with exceptional abilities, the USCIS will check all the previous academic records; scores should be higher and extraordinary. Moreover, the person must have excellent impressive skills regarding the field. After considering all these characteristics, the person will be selected or rejected.

How To Apply For Green Card Without Marriage?

Techniques to get a green card other than marriage are several. But As we already have discussed, the requirements are based on the categories of the green card. Now we will check out the categories along with their needs.

I-140, Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker:

Form I-140 works for the alien beneficiaries working in the US and want their permanent visas now. They file the petition to make USCIS allocate them permanent citizenship. It is an employment-based petition form. The applicant would make the service choose him based on his employment abilities. All the information and documents should be correct and according to requirements. It costs about 700$. If you have submitted the form electronically, send the supporting documents to their address.

I-360 petition for special immigrants, Amerasian, Windows, or Widowers:

Form I-360 is specifically made for the self petitioners who want protection from their toxic, harsh, and abusive circumstances. Suppose the applicant is the parent, spouse, or child of any harch and abusive US citizen and is not given the applicant’s rights. In that case, he can qualify for the green card.

The mean person must be a US citizen or have Lawful permanent citizenship. His widower will also be included in the list. Now here are special immigrants. These include members of the armed forces, Panama and the canal zone employees, religious workers, and citizens of Afghanistan and Iraq.

I-130 Petition For Alien Relative:

I-130 petition is designed for the relatives of the US citizen and of the person having permanent US citizenship. If a US citizen wants his relatives to come and have a green card, then he will file petition I-130. But this also has some conditions, as the relative should be eligible for any of the categories mentioned for a green card.

I-526 Immigrant Petition By Alien Entrepreneur:

The petition I-526 comes in the category of EB-5, which is the immigrant investor’s program. Form I-526 petition lets the person get a green card by investing in a US commercial enterprise. It is actually contributing a lot to the US economy. This petition elevates poverty in the country as it comes with at least ten posts.

Supporting Evidence:

As the name shows, supporting evidence is the documents and data which support your eligibility as proof. These documents are contrastive depending on the applicant’s type of application. The records include qualifications, degrees, passports, recent passport size photos, and all the documents regarding the birth and nationality of the applicant. If there is invalid or incomplete information, it can make you lose the chance. So try giving the right to improve the chances.

Filing Fees:

Every petition form comes with fee expenses different from one another. It actually depends on the nationality of the applicant and the category of the green card. In addition to this, if the applicant doesn’t have the means to pay the fee will continue with the fee waiver option.

I-485 Petition To Register Permanent Residence Or Adjust Status:

Form I-485 is basically used for the adjustment of status. Suppose the student, employer, or any spouse is physically present in the US but by nonimmigrant status and wants to adjust his position to permanent citizenship. In that case, I-485 will pave the way for him. He will first file for I-130 of I-140 and then finally I-485 for further processing.

Consular Processing:

Being ineligible again and again sucks. In this situation, the only way heading towards the green card is the consulate or embassy. With the help of the consular office, you may become able to apply even from your home country. But the applicant will first have to file the form for his desired category, for instance, employment-based or family-based.

How To Get Green Card Faster For Indians?

If we talk about the applicants from India, what are the best categories of green cards for them? According to an estimation, EB-5 visas are the fastest category for Indian applicants. Why is it so? Well, it is because, in 2010, the green card rate for Indians was just about 4%, but within nine years, it grew up to 70%.

That’s why investment-based green cards are growing speedily in India. Entrepreneurs trying to adjust their business setup in the US are given the time-lapse of about two years. The categories other than this are time-consuming for Indians.

How To Get Green Card Faster Than 90 Days?

Although getting the marriage-based green card might be faster, there are some other ways by which we can get the Green Card within 90 days.

The best solution for people who don’t know how to get a green card in the USA without marriage swiftly is family-based, employment, and based and by asylum. A family-based visa is the fastest path to a green card.

How To Get A Green Card In the USA Without Marriage quora+.

Undoubtedly, there are several other ways of getting a green card without marriage. The best of can be O-1, only if you think you have unmatched and extraordinary abilities. If you ge+ selected for this category, it will be pretty easy for you to get a green card. Your abilities should be exceptional in your academics or athletics.

How To Get A Green Card In the USA Without Marriage Reddit.

Getting a green card is not a piece of cake. If you want a green card other than marriage, then an H-1B visa can help you if the company with which you are working is willing to take you to the green card status. Otherwise, EB-2 Or EB-3 are other better options.


How can I get my Green Card without getting married?

Other than marriage, you can pave the way by EB-1, EB-2, EB-5, and the green card lottery. If you are wealthy enough to invest, have US citizens relatives or have brilliant capabilities, you can qualify for a green card.

What is the easiest way to get a green card in the USA?

For you, the easiest way for a green card can be a diversity visa. It was designed by the DOS(Department of state). It is a kind of lottery for which 55,000 green cards are issued every year.

Is marriage the only way to get a green card?

Obviously no. There is no need to worry about it as you can easily get a green card if you meet the particular criteria for the categories of employment, family-based, and investment-based green cards.

Can a US citizen sponsor a friend for a green card?

Form I-864 can help you sponsor your friend. However, it is not allowed to support a person other than a family member. But you can still go for it by sponsoring your friend financially. It means that you are taking responsibility for all of your friend’s expenses and ensuring that he won’t need the government’s help which is called public charge.

Wrap up:

We have covered almost all the questions regarding how to get a green card in the USA without marriage. Now the applicant doesn’t have to worry about it and can try to meet the particular criteria of various categories.

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