Can F1 Visa Students Apply for Green Card?

Every year thousands of students get the golden chance to study and work in the US. The US is the dream study destination for students all over the world. The F1 visa is the most applied visa, according to research. Students of F1 keys can enter the US 30 days before starting their programs. Students having an F1 ticket might wonder if they can achieve permanent residency or not. They ask,” can F1 students apply for green card?”.

Well, they are eligible to get a green card. It will get permanent residency and be free from all the restrictions under an F1 visa. There are some conditions that an F1 visa holder needs to fulfill for obtaining a green card.

Self Petition As A Person With Extraordinary Abilities:

Those F1-holder students who are outstanding in their academics become eligible for the special self-petition green card. It is because they have some extraordinary abilities that not everyone has. The green card granted to this type is called the EB-1 visa.

For instance, They are Professionals in their specialty area, either in arts and athletics or science and business. Moreover, experienced or brilliant professors and researchers also come in self-petition with extraordinary abilities.


Adjust Status To Dual Intent Visa:

Another way of shifting from the F1 visa to the green card is Dual intent. It is pretty simple than the former one. With the help of dual intent visa, the student can work for 12 months in the US. It includes two programs, namely CPT(The Curriculum Practical Training) and OPT(The Optional Practical Training). In both CPT and OPT, the students get the dual intent visa if they fulfill particular criteria of these training programs.

Become An Investor In The US:

Becoming an investor in another country is quite complicated. Although it is for wealthy ones, investing in a foreign country needs much proficiency and critical thinking. The person who supports about $500K to $1M in the US enterprise and generates about ten permanent posts could get the EB-5 visa. The EB-5 key comes with its other four types. F1 holders who are financially very strong and have a business outlook then this visa is the best for them to choose.

Marry A US Citizen:

Marrying a US citizen might seem the easiest way to get a green card. But only if the relationship is not only for the sake of a green card. The visa is called the spouse visa or IR-1 visa. When you apply for this visa, be hundred per cent sure of the dates when you entered the US and the applying date.

USCIS checks out all the background data to confirm that the Marriage is real marriage grants a CR-1 visa, which is valid for two years, to ensure this more deeply. If the couple gets divorced, the spouse will have to return to their hometown. If they remain married, then the USCIS will grant a green card.

Petition For Asylum:

Getting a green card through asylum is the most complicated way because it is difficult to claim and prove your side. We apply for asylum when there is a risk and danger in going back to the home country. It must be a severe condition; otherwise, you won’t get the chance. As assuring you about the situation is not so easy, you will need a professional attorney to work for you. You can file this being on an F1 visa using the I-589 form.

Get Sponsored By A Relative:

If the F1 visa holder has a relative in the US working as a business owner, then he makes him gets to see the card. It is possible in some conditions. Although the relative has a sponsor, he will have to ensure that the applicant receives a visa for his abilities and qualifications and deserves this. In addition to this, he will also prove that he could not engage US citizens for that particular post.

Can International Students Become Permanent Residents?

Yes, it is quite possible. International students can become permanent residents by seeking LPR(Lawful permanent resident)status. Every year people from different countries get green cards. There are various ways to get an immigrant visa explained above. But some conditions of preferences and priorities may affect the acceptance rate for tickets by country.

F1 Visa To Green Card Through Employments:

This type of visa is called an employment-based visa, and there are two types, EB-2 and EB-3. Employment is the 2nd standard option for adjusting the status from F1 to the green card. Before going for I-485, we will have to file the petition I-140.

Change Of Status From F1 To Green card Through Marriage:

The premarriage asks if F1 students who apply for green cards answer yes with the best solution. This solution is none other than Marriage to US carriage Form I-130 with USCIS will allow you to shift from the F1 status to immigrant status directly. As mentioned earlier, USCIS keeps an eye on the date of your arrival in the country and the date of your green card marriage application.


Can you apply for a green card when on an f1 visa?

F1 visa holders who wish to get immigrant status in the US can fulfill their dream by filing EB-1, an employment-based visa. It is a better path for persons with extraordinary capabilities. Otherwise, ways like relative sponsorship, Marriage, and in Marriage are more straightforward than the former.

Can f1 student change their status to green card?

Yes, they can change their status. Even students with F1 visas can work and overstay in the country on specific conditions. For instance, when they are waiting for their green card.

How can I change my F1 status to a green card?

You will have to file Form I-485 and a green card application to change your status from the f1 to the green card. The process can take many months when the USCIS finds yours form I-130 or I-140. If your F1 visa has been expired, you can still apply for a green card from your home country.


We have checked out various ways of changing the status from F1 to the green card. Now there is no confusion regarding can F1 students apply for green cards. It is not so intricate if you have a necessity for immigrant status.

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