I-485 Case Is Ready To Be Scheduled For An Interview

People who plan and start going through the green card journey must have complete information about application i-485. It paves the way for permanent citizenship for them. Before the advent of the waive of interviews, scheduling and preparing for it were essential parts of green card approval. The applicant had to asked to prepare all the possible questions that the interviewer.

But now, the interview has been explicitly waived for employment-based applicants. Other than employment-based, other green cards will need to include the interview part to get all the applicant’s data and validity information. Nowadays, there are cases when the i-485 case is ready to be scheduled for an interview. What does it mean by the issue being scheduled? This is the notification or mail sent by the USCIS.

What Is The Purpose Of Application i-485?

Regardless of their type, a US visa comes with many restrictions. Hence, these immigrants apply for a green card to enjoy living freely. However, getting the i-485 approved is not a piece of cake. It requires a lot of factors to cover. For example, it is based on nationality, marital status, age, and the applicant’s purpose. Congress verifies and checks out the data before granting the green card.

In addition to this, it is confirmed whether the applicants have entered the US through acceptable and valid means or not. They make sure about their refugee and asylum status of entry. Some crucial requirements that need to be fulfilled are the applicant’s presence within the US, form I-130 for the relative’s purpose applicants, and the valid entry documentation.

I-485 Case Is Ready To Be Scheduled For An Interview:

When the applicants find the mail that the case is ready to be scheduled, they believe that they will get the interview notification soon. But this is not the case because they don’t know the real purpose. It means that the USCIS didn’t find any issue in the application. It doesn’t need any additional information as everything is pretty okay. The mail is sent to inform about the acceptance of the application, saying, “the case is ready to be scheduled.

I-485 Case Is Ready To Be Scheduled For An Interview

With time, the possibility ratio of RFE has gone down. RFE means the request for evidence. It means the USCIS wants the documents and the applicant’s personal information. As of now, your local office has the applications, so they seldom need additional.

How Long Does It Take To Schedule I-485 Interview 2022?

Well, that’s not a definite cause. We don’t have any confirmed time limit for the interview schedule. The time it takes again depends on the different factors. These include the correct information and all the required documents. The eligibility criteria are also checked out wisely. To avoid late interview scheduling, applicants should be extra vigilant in collecting all the documents. Moreover, USCIS may get late processing the documents because of case loading.

If you have applied rightly, you don’t need to wait more than 2 to 3 weeks. Besides this, if you don’t get the notification about your insufficient data, but still it is delayed, then form I-797C will help you track your application.

Case Is Ready To Be Scheduled For An Interview But No EAD 2022:

This case is being heard everywhere that they have received the interview scheduling notification but not the EAD(Employment Authorization Documents) card yet. They wonder if they will even get it or not. How will they attend their interview if they don’t get the EAD? All of these confusions have two conditional answers.

The first condition is that if you got the mail about the case ready to schedule, that doesn’t mean you are prepared to be interviewed. It just means that now you are in the queue for an interview, and it can take months. The second condition is the possibility of receiving your EAD after getting the green card.

How can USCIS send you EAD when the case is ready to be scheduled?

EAD and interviews are two different things. The applicant can’t mix them up as they have nothing to do with each other. EAD is just for the sake of a temporary pass, and the interview can be held after months of notification.

Found No Decisive Notification After The Interview:

Although the situation is exhausting, it is common nowadays as most people don’t get a satisfactory answer about their interviews. This situation happens because of the complex background and biodata of the applicant. It is possible that the data needs additional and the officer may ask for RFE.

The case is ready to be scheduled for an interview I-485 San Francisco:

Applicants must be aware of the basic meaning of a case ready to be scheduled. It means that their paperwork has been finished now. All their documents are pretty acceptable and transparent. Now their application is going to the next step.


How long does it take to have an interview after biometrics 2021?

Biometrics can take a few weeks, after which you can finally appear in an interview. But because of some critical conditions, it can take even several months.

When will I receive my interview appointment after the case interview schedule notification?

Well, it depends on the fields. Some get the appointment within 2 to 3 weeks and others in 1 to 2 months. Just keep tracking the process.

Why Is USCIS taking so long?

It is the time of the pandemic. All the USCIS officers were closed for the safety measure against Covid 19. So in 2021, the average time reached 19 months. So all the applications, either study-based or marriage-based green cards and visa, took extra time in 2022.

Wrap up.

Elaborating all the possibilities and conditions involved in an interview, we got rid of our confusion. I-485 Case Is ready to be Scheduled For An Interview means the documents and data have been checked out. Now they may call you for the interview soon. So congratulations and be ready for the appointment.

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