Life After Winning Green Card Lottery 2022

About millions of people apply for US visa for several reasons, including work, study, and visiting purposes. Other types of US visa can make them get US green cards also. Getting a green card is not too easy as the applicant must be eligible to have all the required abilities. On the other hand, we have a unique way of getting a green card which is the diversity visa program. It is a kind of government lottery which grants the applicant a green card on winning the lottery.

The green card lottery is introduced by the department of state. People are chosen by analyzing the immigrant’s record of the previous five years. A country with less number of immigrants gets the chance of winning the lottery. If a Person asks about life after winning green card lottery, he must be cautious not to miss the year. If the green card lottery winner gets late and misses the fiscal year, he will miss the chance of getting the green card.

How To Win Life After Green Card Lottery 2022?

To improve the chances for the green card lottery, the following steps should be followed.

 The whole family should apply to have eligible qualities. As we know, the person who wins the lottery can take their spouse and unmarried children along with him, so registration by all the members proves to be efficient. If one of them wins, the other one will go automatically.

The other thing that must be kept in mind is the disapproval of multiple entries. If the same person applies for a diversity visa, again and again, his application is rejected or barred. On the other hand, if the applicant doesn’t meet the requirements for criteria of a diversity visa, then he will not be eligible to apply. So he or she should be educationally and professionally eligible.

How Long Does It Take To Get Green Card After Winning Diverse Visa Lottery?

First of all, on applying, the applicants get the notification of approval within 7 months. So the applicant needs not to worry and wait until the processing is complete. This is not the end. After getting the approval notification, the applicant has to wait for months so that the interview can be scheduled.

 Moreover, it depends on the applicant also. If he applies early, then he will possibly achieve the goal earlier and will get the interview call. If the applicant applies for the 2023 lottery, then winners are announced in 2022, so the applicant should check the time required for processing and match the plans. As soon as the applicant is granted the visa, he can enter the US right there, but he must keep the expiry date in his mind.

I Won The Green Card Lottery, What Next?

Winning the green card lottery doesn’t mean the end of the task. It doesn’t mean that the applicant has won the visa; instead, it’s just a lottery. So the next step after winning the lottery is acting fastly as much as they can because; It is obligatory to get the visa in the same year of winning the lottery. Because the number of visas is less than the lottery winners, the person should apply for the visa before being left behind. This means that it is a kind of competition too.

The next step after winning the visa depends on the current location of an immigrant. If he is outside the US, he can apply from his homeland’s consulate office. He will submit the form DS-260 along with the national visa center. After processing, the US consulate office will get the application and schedule an interview to further decide if the person is eligible for the visa.

On the other hand, if the applicant is in the US, he will submit Form I-485 to the USCIS. This means the applicant has been sent. The applicant needs to work on the applicant immediately after being notified of the visa availability.

Chances Of Winning Green Card Lottery By Country:

Now we are going to discuss how to a particular country has a lot to do in strengthening and losing the chances of green card lottery. Applicant’s homeland plays its role here.

Bahrain, Panama has the lowest winning rate of 0.00 and 0.04% according to the DV-2017. On the other hand, Albania, Greece, and Newzealand have the highest winning rates ranging from 0.77 to 0.85%. In addition to this, most countries were not eligible for this visa.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What happens after you win the green card lottery?

After being selected in the lottery, the next step is applying as soon as possible for a green card. It takes further 14 months to get the application processed. After this, the applicant gets the date for his interview.

Is it hard to win the green card lottery?

Winning the green card lottery sometimes becomes way too difficult. But as people from all backgrounds can apply for a green card, it is called the American Dream also. About 50,000 applicants are selected every year, which means its winning rate is about 1:25 to 1:75.

How Long Does It Take To Get Green Card After Winning DV Lottery?

After the application, the first 7 months are spent on getting the approval notification, after the applicant will wait for further 14 months to get the interview call.

How Long Does A Lottery Green Card Last?

After the interview, the applicant gets his green card. The lottery green card’s validity is for 10 years. For getting selected, the applicant will have to come up with all the requirements according to the DV criteria.

Wrap up:

The best thing about the green card lottery is its works beyond the boundaries of applicants’ backgrounds. Every year about 55,000 applicants achieve their American dream. Life after winning the green card lottery is fruitful and dreams fulfilling for the applicant.

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