The New Card Is Being Produced I-485 2023

Have you applied for a green card and waiting for the response of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)? Or do you have received the response from USCIS, and you do not know what to do after this? After your application submission for residency in the United States, you receive a response from USCIS if your application passes successfully.

Do you know and have listened what is the meaning of the new card is being produced I 485? When you receive this response from USCIS, what do you need to do after this? In this article, we will explain the whole procedure and details about “new card is being produced I-485”, what is the meaning of this statement, and what will you get after the receiving of this statement.

New Card Is Being Produced I-485 Meaning 2022 Without Interview?

Before the status report of the new card is being produced, usually interview of the applicant is conducted, and after the approval of the interview, the status report is updated and the card issued for printing. However, it has also been seen that approval of card has been made and status report updated to ” New card has been produced” without the conduction of the applicant’s interview.


When anyone gets this status report on your United  States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) account, it is considered a joyful moment for everyone because it means that your whole struggle about your career and permanent residency in the United States is going to be fulfilled.

It is a status report shown by USCIS when your application form for green card is fully checked, and it is successfully passed by USCIS. It means USCIS has completed all the required details about your application and scrutinized every legal aspect of your submitted application.

New Card Is Being Produced Green Card 2023:

Every year, like you, thousands of people apply for a green card in the United States of America, and they wait eagerly for the response of USCIS about their application for the green card. A green card is, in fact, a legal document in the United States which confirms that a person who holds this card is a permanent resident of the USA.

The application process for availing green card is a complicated and time being process and includes a lot of legal procedures from its initial point to that point when the green card is received in your hands. For getting a green card and availing the permanent residency in the USA, you would have the need to fill out the form of I-485.

New Card Is Being Produced I-485 After Interview:

  • The interview is the final step regarding the approval of your card.
  • When your interview is conducted then on your created account at the USCIS website or application,
  • it will be updated that a new card is being produced.
  • After that, you will be able to receive your card within two weeks.

Ead Processing Time:

Employment Authorization Document (EAD) processing time means the time period between the status report given by USCIS for sending the card to printing to the time when you receive your card in your hand in its physical form.

When the application status report is updated on your account on USCIS, that card is being produced, then after this. Your final process related to your card is being started, which means that after completing its printing process, it will be sent to you by United States Postal Service (USPS) at your address. You will receive your card by mail within five to ten working days.

Ssn Card With Ead:

SSN card is a card containing Social security number issued by the social security administration of the United States. The first purpose of this number was to scrutinize citizens of the United States by their specific identification for national purposes. This number contains nice digits, and it is issued to every permanent resident of the US. The card containing this particular number is an SSN card.

Once your Employment Authorization Document (EAD) is approved by USCIS that your SNN card request will be sent to the SSN office. The application for Social security number can be submitted after the acceptance of EAD. The SSN card will be sent to your address by the United States Postal service within four to five weeks after submitting the request.

Ssn Card Not Received After the Approval of Ead:

It is also a problem that your SSN card has not been received by you after the approval of EAD. According to policy, it is required that an SSN card need to be reached to you after the acceptance and approval of EAD. But sometimes, due to some issues and technical problems, the SSN card cannot be issued on time.

In case you do not receive your SNS card within four to five weeks after the submission of the request about the SNN number. Then you should visit the Social security number (SSN) office to get information about this.

They will check and analyze the request regarding your SNN number; if they find the request in their database, they will solve the problem of not reaching the card at your address. If there is no request or application for an SSN card previously in their data, you can request a new social security number. After that, your required card will be sent to you in 4-5 weeks after the submitted application.

EAD And AP Cambo Card:

When you receive the status report ” New card is being produced” by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service, both I-485 and Advance parol Cambo card approved with this status report.

It is mandatory to get a green card that both EAD and AP should be approved before issuing. Without the acceptance of EAD and AP, your green card application can be denied by USCIS.


We have discussed all the required, and mandatory details related to I-485, EAD, AP and discussed the procedural information of green card.

In this article, we have tried to discuss and explain all the basic and essential details that can be helpful for you in getting permanent residency in the United States. After reading this article, you will have the ability to understand all the scenarios about your application form of green card.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What does the new card being produced mean for I 485?

Ans: It means that the application related to residency in the United States has been completed and examined by USCIS. The status shown by USCIS means that your application process has been completed, and your card has been sent to printing which you will receive in some working days.

Q2: How long does it take to receive green card after card production?

Ans: When you get USCIS is producing the status report of the card, then it will take 5-10 working days for the card to be received at your address.

Q3: New card is being produced i-485 how long?

Ans: It takes months to be completed. After applying the status report shown by USCIS, it takes almost eight months to two years to complete and analyze this whole process.

Q4? How long does it take after the card is being produced?

Ans:  When the status report ” New card is being produced” is updated by USCIS, after this process, it will take 5 to 10 working days for the completion of the remaining process.

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