How to Find Someone to Marry for a Green Card?

There are many ways of getting US citizenship other than marriage. But the exception is the convenience and faster process of getting the green card through marriage. The possibility of complexities is much less than the other categories in which you may have to face different obstructions.

You have made a plan about getting permanent residence through marriage; now what next? How to find someone to marry for a green card?. We can’t just marry any random person blindly just for the sake of a green card. It will be for no good to you. Its because marriage requires companionship and understanding. If you are not having that, you may have to divorce within two years. The result is that you will lose your citizenship right there. You indeed want someone for a green card, but you will have to be quite proficient.

How To Finding Someone To Marry For A Green Card?

Getting a green card through marriage seems more complicated when finding a partner. But it doesn’t mean to get back. We can explore various ways to find the US citizen for marriage. Let’s figure out these ways.


Citizen4me is a Facebook group made by dreamers(people finding US citizens). It works by presenting the US bachelor’s profiles to help people who wish for permanent citizenship through marriage. The sole purpose of this group is to make nonimmigrants and permanent citizens meet and collaborate for the wedding. They find their matches, build understanding in the group, and the marriage process goes ahead.

Although finding a spouse through the group seems straightforward, many people still get rejected for a green card. The person’s entry was not valid or has not fulfilled all the requirements; secondly, the person applied for a marriage-based green card before 90 days.

How to Find Someone for a Marriage-Based Green Card Reddit:

Many US citizens or people with permanent US citizenship are ready to marry nonimmigrants if paid. So if applicants want to have a green card through marriage at any cost, they will have to get the person delivered. The person will have to pay 30k to 70k dollars to the US citizen. In this way, the agreement will benefit both of them.

Marriage Green Card Timeline 2022:

The processing time depends on several conditions. These include the person you marry, either having permanent citizenship or being a US citizen. They are currently in the US or anywhere else. For instance, if your spouse is a US citizen and in the US, it will take about 14 to 28 months. But if the spouse is the green card holder, it will take 22 to 36 months.

Following is the sequence of seeking a green card through marriage. Form I-130 and I-485 are applied at once, which takes 8 to 11 months. After that, comes interview takes 1 to 2 months. On the other hand, persons getting married to the green cardholder will have to wait for 13 to 26 months for the green card application approval.

USCIS Suspecting Fraud Marriages:

Marrying temporarily for the sake of green cards is not uncommon nowadays. Many people are doing the frauds of marriage in the US. But they can’t go far as all the data and documents are critically analyzed by USCIS and the US department of state. A marriage certificate is not enough to ensure the US authorities of natural marriage.

They can take a deep look at your bank statements, childbirth certificates, changes in the class, religion, and language. So after going through all of these factors, they finally take the marriage as the real one.

Finding Someone To Marry For Green Card Without Any Fraud:

As we know, people have made many fraudulent websites tempting nonimmigrants for green cards. These are pretty risky, and their green card application gets rejected soon. So the DHS(department of homeland security) designed an authentic program for the people searching for US citizens and green card holders to marry. 202–282–8000 is the number to this service which takes you to the desired destination as soon as you call them.

Marriage-Based Green Card Cost:

The whole process starts with Form I-130, for which you will pay $535 as a government filing fee. For the spouse living in the US, the marriage base filing fee is $1,760, while for the spouse living outside the US, it is $1,200. The filing fee also includes the medical examination fee, which ranges from 200$ to 500$. It varies from the other categories of the green card.


Where to find someone for a green card?

Firstly, you can get the list of US citizens by the USCIS office. They will guide and take you to the person who best suits you according to your desires, secondly by the DHA(Departement of homeland security). Moreover, the Citizen4me group is another option.

Can I marry a US citizen by paying?

Although you can marry a US citizen by paying them, it can be risky for you. Most people agree for 3 to 5 years, whatever suits them, after which they divorce. As the USCIS ICE(Immigration and Customs Enforcement) investigates fraud marriages, they term it a crime.

How long does it take to find a green card after marriage?

It can overall take 9 to 36 months. It can vary depending on the spouse’s current location and type that they either have a green card or are honest citizens. If you want a green card immediately, go for a US citizen so that the process will take 14 to 28 months.

Wrap up.

Undoubtedly marriage-based green card is one of the fastest ways to get a green card. But this is not as easy as it seems as people wonder how to find someone to marry for a green card. The applicant of a green card must be efficient enough to differentiate the authentic means from the fraudulent ones.

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