Fake Marriage For Green Card [Punisment ll Report ll Price]

Marrying solely for the green card and not for making a real relationship is common in the US. A marriage that is based on a green card is fake. This kind of marriage is proved to be devastating for people’s lives. Victims of the fake marriage for green cards are destroyed and left alone. People need guidance on finding out if someone is marrying just for the sake of a green card.

If Citizens don’t want any nonimmigrant to play with them, they must have a deep insight into their whole life. They should analyze every action of their spouse. It will help them find out the real purpose and priorities of their spouse. There are some guidelines that people much follow before getting married. In addition to this, if it is too late for a person, contacting ICE by USCIS is a second option that will help them in the case.

What is a fake or sham marriage?

Fake marriages are considered fraud if the marriage breaks the rules and laws of the government. Fake marriages are of different types.

  1. If the US citizen is marrying as a favor to a person for the green card.
  2. The foreign-born has frauded the spouse by marrying for a few years.
  3. Thirdly the foreign citizen is paying money to the US citizen for fake marriage to get a green card.


What Constitutes A Marriage Fraud?

Most people mix the city concept of a fake marriage incorrectly. We should know that a fake marriage constitutes different types of marriages.

  • Foreign nationals pay the US citizen or a green card holder to marry so that the foreign national can get the green card.
  • US citizen marries the as support and favor.
  • Foreign nationals deceive the US citizen that their marriage is real though it is to get the green card.
  • Ones are the lottery and mail order fraud marriages.

How To Report A Fake Marriage To My Green Card?

When a citizen has realized that their spouse married just for the sake of a green card, the victim still has time to stop the spouse’s permanent citizenship. By reporting to the ICE, they can correct their mistake of misunderstandings.

Their report to the1-866-347-2423 can cause their spouse’s immediate deportation and imprisonment. Moreover, they can report anonymously to the ICE. Doing this, the person must be efficient about his passwords and the whole process.

How Do I Tell Immigration About A Fake Marriage?

You will inform immigration by reporting. Suppose you realize that someone in your surroundings is doing a marriage fraud, or you are the victim of a fake marriage. In that case, you can simply report it to the USCIS. For this, you can contact them on their number and secondly, you can use their form also. Contacting their number is the better option, taking your report more seriously.

Is It Legal To Get Married For A Green Card?

If a person finds fake marriage helpful in building a career in the desired country, they don’t find it bad. But unfortunately, it is considered fraud instead of legal. It is a legal fraud by the USCIS. Suppose the USCIS has declared a marriage fake, serious penalties like 250,000$ were fined and imprisoned. So a green card-based marriage is completely risky and can put both foreign and permanent citizens at a great loss.

What Happens When We report A Fake Marriage?

There are numerous cases where a foreign citizen marries a US citizen and then leaves with nothing. People report their circumstances that how they fell into prey to a fraudulent marriage. Their spouse mostly does such sweet things before they get married. Right after marriage, their behavior changes suddenly.

In this situation, they can report USCIS’s department ICE which works specifically on marriage frauds. It does investigations and then announces punishment. But the reporter must be efficient enough to prove that he is not responsible for the fraud.

How To Get Out Of A Sham Marriage?

USCIS has made very strict laws in the immigration process. Officers refuse to grant green cards if they find even little suspects of the sham marriage, for instance, age differences, events, dates remembrance, etc. So before going to the interview, the couple should pay attention to all the little and major details.

Proving A Sham Marriage:

Ensuring the agency about the authenticity of the marriage needs much preparation and guidance. First of all, the couple must live together and attend ceremonies together. They should have documents showing the realness of their marriage. Moreover, appropriate actions have a lot to do. If the couple doesn’t know the answer to the question, they can say “I don’t know” instead of the wrong answer.

Risk Of Fake Marriage:

The risks of a fake marriage are numerous. Besides deportation, it can cause 250,000$ fine and.5 years jail. In addition to this, it also includes blames for crimes other than this, for instance, making false statements, immigration frauds, and many more. They won’t be able to apply for another green card.

How To Prove That A Marriage Is Not Fake?

Applicants of marriage-based green cards must have all the information on how critical ICE’s investigation can be. Suppose they want to make them sure about the authenticity of their marriage. In that case, they should submit all the documents with the I-130 petition in the first place. Moreover, the nature of answers to the officer’s question describes the fakeness and reality of marriage.

Fake Marriage For Green Card Punishment:

There are some serious penalties for the people involved in a fake marriage knowingly. A sham marriage is considered a federal crime, and criminals can’t avoid punishment. The USCIS has strict rules and an investigation system to find things beyond a person’s thoughts.

The punishment for fake marriage is firstly a fine of about $250,000 and secondly imprisonment for five years or even both. So before going for it, a person must look at its stiff penalties.

Fake Marriage For Green Card Price:

The person planning to get indulged in the fake marriage for a green card must be aware of the serious penalties for fraudsters. They might be unable to pay the fine, which is about 250,000$. In addition to this, the fraudster can be charged with imprisonment of 5 or less than 5 years. Even the person can be charged with both of these penalties and revoke their green cards.

Fake Marriage For Green Card Reddit:

If a person having a green card or any US citizen thinks that a fake or sham marriage can save the other person’s career, he will be happy to go for it. He won’t take it as a crime but a good favour. Besides this, they must know the consequences of a sham marriage. We have a case where two boys wanted to marry because one needs a green card for career upliftment. This would be a sham gay marriage.

Undoubtedly, gay marriage comes with many complexities, and secondly, it is a fake marriage. So if the USCIS agency finds any signs of fake marriage, they will investigate in a way having no limits.


What happens if you get caught faking a marriage for a green card?

ICE works efficiently and individually. It takes account of you and your spouse’s daily activities, your documents, your residence, and almost everything. If you are caught faking a marriage, you may face immediate expulsion from the country. Moreover, it includes a fine of 250,000$ and jail for five years.

How much does a fake marriage cost?

It depends on the person to whom a foreign national is getting married. Because it depends on the country, circumstances, and individual preferences for how much they want. But we can say that normally 5,000$ to 10,000$ is the fee demand of a US citizen for marrying. It can go from 10 to 50,000$, depending on the person. The foreign nationals become bound to pay as they want permanent citizens at any cost.

Can I stop my husband’s permanent citizenship?

Yes, it is possible. If any one of you and your spouse has conditional residency, it means you can file I-751. I-751 is a petition for removing the condition of permanent residency. But there is one condition that it should be done before two years of marriage. Otherwise, you can do this by reporting to ICE.

Is it illegal to get married for a green card?

A legal marriage is one of which the state has a record and is officially recognized. On the other hand, if the couple is not living and making a life together, it is illegal. A sham and fake marriage for a green card are considered fraud.

Does immigration investigate marriage?

If the USCIS has some doubts about the couple or their intentions don’t seem normal, then the immigration suspects in a way you can’t imagine. They ask private questions in the interview. They contact the couple’s neighbours and relatives to ensure their authentic relationship. So the couple should better be ready for any kind of questions and must be well prepared about the dates.

How Do I Report A Fake Marriage To Immigration Anonymously?

Yes, you can report a fake marriage anonymously. However, still, you will have to tell each and everything about yourself and your state so that it will be easier for the USCIS to process the report. And keep in mind that the USCIS might be doubtful about you so they can investigate you also.


We have discussed how the fake marriage for a green card is poisonous to society and destroys people’s lives. The marriage-based green card was made for a person’s convenience, but instead, they are using it solely for the green card, which is marriage fraud. We must understand the sensitiveness and consequences of a fake marriage.

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