What Is Government Reference Number?

The government reference number is crucial for taxpayers. It transmits their previous tax proceedings to the new GST(goods and service tax). With the help of this number, we can take account of all the processes going on in the GST portal by simply sitting at home as it is online. The government makes this portal.

So what is government reference number? It is basically written on the form on the CGI(Consulate General of India) form which we fill out for surrendering our passport. In addition to this, we don’t need to get anxious about the processing of our application, beour application’s processings. We can track our application’s status just by staying at home. If we experience any fault in the application, we can figure out the problem by visiting the passport office. We can have a government reference for VFS global or passport renewal.

What Is Government Reference Number For an Indian Passport?

This system-generated number consists of 12 unique digits which are made by the alphanumeric combination. Let’s find out the nature of all the digits by which a number is made.

The first four digits of the reference number show the application’s origin. It shows the location or place from where the applicant applied. Next comes the other two digits which represent the year when the application was made. The other digits are the application number designed at that particular place. Moreover, Application is provided the file number, which is actually for showing that the application and all the documents are accepted. The documents are submitted by the applicant via appointment in the local Seva Kendra passport office.

Uses Of The Government Reference Number:

People usually ask why do we need the reference number and what are its benefits.

The main purpose of this number is for checking and tracking the status of the passport application. Suppose the applicant has applied for the passport but is not getting any update about where the application has reached so far. In that case, the reference will be there to inform them about the current status of his application.

As soon as our application is approved, we possibly get the passport within 2 to 3 weeks under normal conditions. In addition to this, we can estimate the possible time remaining for the passport. If there is an issue with the application or documents we will get notified with the help of this special number.

When The Passport Reference Number Is Generated?

The external affairs ministry generates this number for the applicants.

  • Firstly, the applicants will apply for their passports by filling out the application.
  • Then along with the application, the applicant will submit documents also.
  • He will submit the dues by card and get an appointment with Seva Kendra. Here as the applicant submits the application and visits the office, he is granted the reference number.

Government Reference Number(arn) For Passport renewal?

A very good initiative for the Indian passport holders in the US is that they can get their passport renewed even by staying in the US. For continuing the identity verification through the Indian passport, it must be valid. Following are the steps for passport renewal for vfs global.

  • We will apply for the Seva passport online.
  • After the application has been filed, the reference number will be given, which the applicant has to note down.
  • As the application has been completed, the next step is printing it and creating the profile on VFS Global by clicking Apply now.
  • Then we will get all the required documents and affidavits printed.
  • Now, all the documents and application stuff must be mailed to the VFS Indian consular center. Moreover, we can track the process by notifications like SMS and emails.

Frequently Asked Questions.

What is the number in the passport application?

An arn number is granted for the applicant’s convenience written on the CGI form. This number is used to keep track of the passport application.

What is a government reference number for Indian passport renewal?

Any US citizen having an Indian passport can renew his passport even in the US. VFS global works for this purpose. After filling out the renewal application, he is granted the government reference number.


If the applicant asks what is government reference number, he must know about its uses so that he takes benefit of it and saves it. The government reference number is crucial for taking account of the application and also if there is an issue that needs to be corrected.

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