Can We Expedite Oci Card?

The OCI card works for the people having relations to India either as a home country or ancestral. Based on this relationship, OCI gives them the right to permanent lawful citizenship. People with OCI, after migration to a foreign country, can live and work in India. OCI for the whole life and gives equality in almost all areas, for instance, domestic affairs and entry fees. Despite this, they can’t vote and participate in political spaces.

It can take a very long time depending on how it is being processed because it contains a long process having a lot of requirements. If an applicant wants his OCI card as soon as possible and doesn’t have enough time to wait, then there are other ways to proceed speedily. So the answer to their question, can we expedite OCI card is yes. But applicants should remember that fast processing does have extra charges. For more information about processing, the OCI card preparation card works for us.

Can We Expedite OCI Card?

Yes, we can expedite our OCI card processing. But it must be remembered that it takes extra charges. The price goes higher with less processing time. So it depends on the type of processing we choose for the visa.

OCI card preparation guide helps in the whole process by informing whether our application is going fine or not. The customer service keeps advising us about the steps to take during this application journey. Now there are three ways to apply depending on how fast it should work. The prices change along with time.

Standard time:

It is the standard time of processing which works within two days. Its charges are 406.00 USDT.


This option takes only 24 hours to complete the OCI processing. It is pretty exciting to get your work done in just a day. It requires about 416.00 USDT.

Super Rush Time:

The applicant uses this way of processing when they experience an emergency, so they get the whole work done in just 4 hours which is incredible. The prices turn to 431.00 USDT.

So with the help of super rush and rush processing, we can accelerate our OCI card work and get it in a matter of hours. Moreover, if the applicant has not completed all the requirements, it can also slow down the process.

Who Is Eligible For An OCI Card?

A person is regarded as eligible for the OCI card based on ties with India. Here ties meat he ns applicant has the following connections.

  • If the foreign national was a citizen of India in 1950, on 26th January, or even after 1950, then he is eligible for the OCI.
  • Belongings to any state or land of India after 15 august 1947 work as a proof for a person’s eligibility.
  • If the person was eligible for Indian citizenship on 26th January 1950, then he automatically becomes eligible now.
  • If the applicant’s ancestors were citizens of India, for instance, being their child or grandchild, etc., makes him a lawful citizen of India by the OCI card.
  • Favours are given to minor children also. If the applicant is a minor child of any category that we discussed above, then he is in. Being a minor child means he is below the age of responsibilities mentioned in the law. Moreover, if he is the minor child of parents who were citizens of India or one of them was.
  • In addition to this, if the applicant is the spouse of an Indian citizen, it also gives him a favor for getting an OCI card.

OCI Card Processing Time New York:

As we know that the standard time for OCI processing is 8 to 10 days, this is because it includes steps that take time. Besides this, if the applicant doesn’t have all the required documents with the application or has given incomplete information, it further delays the processing time. First, the passport is sent to the consulate, which takes about seven days.

In New York, submission timings range from 9 to 4 pm, Monday to Friday, and collections are done from 4 to 6 pm. New York takes about ten additional days to get his OCI processed.

OCI Card Application Process:

There are 6 global centers to submit the applications. These are New York, Washington DC, Chicago, Atlanta, Houston, and San Francisco. We are going to discuss the whole application process in the following stepwise.

1. Identifying OCI Catagory:

First is the process of identification that what is the type of application. It can be for OCI renewal, brand new application, or even cancellation of an OCI card. The service is granted based on the following points;

  • If the applicant’s personal information is altered.
  • Having a new passport.
  • Change and cancellation of the address.
  • OCI registration certificate’s damage request.

2. Online Application:

When applying online, the applicant must select the right OCI service, and PIO holders should go with the valid card section.

3. VFS Registration:

Firstly, the applicant will make his profile on the VFS website, and then he will select the particular state of residence and the type of passport. Then comes the mode of submission, which should be postal since Covid circumstances its the better way.

4. Submission Of Physical Application:

Indian Embassy USA will help us find the appropriate center for application submission. As we chose the postal request so we will mail the application to the VFS Indian consular application center.

5. Wait For the Email:

Now, after sending the application, we will have to wait for 48 hours, after which we will be notified by email.

OCI Fee:

The consular fee for the brand new OCI card is $275.00, but the total cost becomes $295.00. For re-issuance of is $120.00. Conversion of PIO to OCI takes $100.

Before submitting the dues for the OCI card, the applicant must know about its processes and rules, which are the following.

  • The payment is nonrefundable, and it must be complete. Otherwise, the card will be rejected. It can be paid via cash, cashier, or banker’s check and money order.
  • Fees for the whole family can be sent in one payment, but they should be fixed with part A of the first applicant.
  • If someone wants different services, then he can submit all the dues together in one.
  • People who are not US citizens will have to pay extra charges of 20$.

OCI Card Application, Where To Apply?

As we have six centers available in the whole world, let’s discuss the address of the application.

  • In Washington DC, the address is 1025 Vermont Ave NW floor 2, Washington, DC 20005, and we will find the jurisdiction in Delaware, Columbia district, Bermuda, and Virginia.
  • New York’s address is 145 W 45th St 4th floor, New York NY 10036 and jurisdiction at Massachusetts, Ohio, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Vermont, New Hampshire, etc.

Just like that, we have different destinations for other centers.

Frequently Asked Question:

How fast can I get my OCI card?

By selecting mail shipping, it possibly takes 5 to 6 weeks. Moreover, super rush can expedite the OCI card processing to 4 hours.

Can I travel while OCI is in the process?

Yes, you can travel but in emergencies. You must take your current OCI card, previous passport linked with OCI, and current passport.

Is there a tatkal for OCI?

Tatkal is not applicable for OCI cards and miscellaneous services as it is only available for Indian passport issuance and re-issuance.

Wrap up:

OCI card is a good initiative for people having strong ties with India as their or their ancestor’s homeland. Even it is yes if someone asks can we expedite OCI card. We can accelerate the process to even hours.

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