Ds-160 Address and Phone Information Us or India

To apply for the US visa application process, it is compulsory to fill out an application form online. It is the most critical step as your visa depends on it. It is a multistep procedure out of which DS-160 address and phone information US or India section is discussed below:

Home address in DS-160 for H1B:

The form is a multistep electronic application form for a US nonimmigrant visa. It is online, which must be filled out accurately to get a nonimmigrant visa. It includes

  • your complete address.
  • apartment number.
  • street name.
  • city, taluk or district.
  • province,
  • postal code.
  • and country.

The address can differ from your permanent address, but it should be the address where you have lived for the past six months.

If you have come to your home country for a short stay or renewal of your passport, your current address of the home country where you are staying can be used.

It is not allowed to use “/” in your address so that you can use “-” instead, for example, T-5/7 is invalid, but T-5-7 is valid.

In case of filling out the DS-160 form for your family members, the following are the steps for completing your family forms:

  • Start your application form first (principal applicant). Add all your family members who are going with you.
  • After you submit your application, on the “Thank You” page, you will be asked to create the remaining application for your family members.
  • Following the given instructions, some of your information will be copied to your family members’ applications, for example, travel dates home addresses. This will help you to save time and avoid making mistakes.

Mailing Address:

It is the address where all the official documents will be sent by the embassy. In case you have a separate mailing address than your home address, you will be asked to put your complete mailing address.

In the case of an applicant in India, you will be asked to specify the address where you want your passport to be couriered. It is fine if you enter a different mailing address while taking the appointment. Follow the instructions given in the appointment section for more details.

Primary Phone Number:

You will be required to provide a phone number, it can be the USA or Indian phone number. It should be the number where you can be contacted most easily.

Secondary Phone Number:

In case if you want to provide an additional landline or second number, list that as your second phone number. Otherwise, tick ‘Does Not Apply’.

Work Phone Number:

If you want to put your phone number in your workplace, list that as your work phone. Else click ‘Does Not Apply’.

Email Address:

Next, you will be asked to put a valid email address. Enter an email that is regularly checked and secure, as it will be used for any further information.

Social Media:

Do you use social media?

If you have used any of the social media platforms in the last five years select it from the given list. In the column next to the platform’s name, enter the username or handle you have registered on that platform. Passwords are not required. If you have multiple social platforms or multiple accounts on a platform list all of them separately. Else select “None”.

Social Media Platform:

Next, select the social media platform from the list. For example, if it is Instagram, then select Instagram from the list.

Social Media Identifier:

Next enter what you use to login to your account, which can be a name, email id, phone number or nickname. For example, if it is Instagram, you can enter an email or username.

Other Phone Number Used in Last 5 years:

The department not only requires records of the past 5 years of social media but also any phone numbers that changed in the last five years. Applicants are now required to list additional phone numbers and emails used in the last five years

US contact:

You will be asked to enter US contact. It can be a person or organization.

In the case of a Contact person, you will be asked to enter details of the person that include their name, address, and your relationship with the person, address and phone number of the contact person. In case you don’t know anyone, select “Do not know”.

In the case of the Organization, you will be asked to enter the organization name, phone number, address and phone number of the organization. In case you don’t have any organization involved, select “Do not know”.

Relationship to you:

Choose from the following:

  • Friend.
  • Relative.
  • Spouse.
  • Employer.
  • Business Partner.
  • Other.

Address and Phone Number of US contact:

If you have entered any person’s name as a US contact you will have to put their DS-160 address and phone information US or India.  If you click “Don’t Know”, then enter the address of the hotel, shop, or shopping mall as your organizational address and put all 9s if you do not know their number.

Email Address:

Enter the email address or click “Don’t Know”

Ds-160 phone number country code:

Enter all the numerical digits from your phone number and remove all dots and hyphens.

  • If the country code is adjacent to the address field, don’t write the country code.
  • If the country code is not present adjacent to the address field, write down the country code.

Have You Used Any Other Phone Number in the Last Five Years on the Ds-160?

If you have not used any other phone number in the last five years, then you are required to select the option of ‘none’ on the DS-160 form.

Us Point of Contact Information Ds-160 for H1B:

You have to enter a US point of contact information on the DS-160 form for an h1b visa. If you know any individual or relative from the US you will be meeting, write his/her name down. Otherwise, write the name of any store or company you are familiar with and willing to visit after arrival in the US.

Where Can I Get Ds-160 Address and Phone Information Us or India?

The DS-160 form and information related to it can be found on the mentioned official website.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What address should I put in DS-160 form?

You have to put your complete residential address and mailing address if both are separate. The residential address should be the one where you have been living for the past 6 months and on the mailing address, your passport will be couriered in case of visa acceptance.

What is the address and phone information of DS-160?

The application form contains an address and phone information section which is where your identity can be confirmed and all the relevant documents can be couriered and communicated.

What do I put for the U.S. point of contact information?

U.S contact can be an individual who can verify your identity, if you don’t know any individual, you can put any store or hotel information you are planning to visit.

Can you edit the application form after it is submitted?

1) If the application form is submitted within the last 30 days, you can get your application from Consular Electronic Application Center System and make changes to it.

2) Fill out a new application and bring original and revised applications on your appointment day.

DS 160 form is free of cost, but you will need to pay 160$ as a USA visa fee. For most nonimmigrant visas, the price is 160$.

Can I submit an application form without a picture?

You can’t submit an application form without your photo; it is compulsory to upload your picture, which is not older than six months. It is also advised to carry your photograph to your appointment.

For how many days is the application form valid?

The application form expires in 30 days once you start it. The application form must be completed and submitted within 30 days. If you start applying on 1st March, it must be completed by 31st March. Otherwise, you will have to create a new application.

What are the documents needed to file an application?

You will have to provide the following documents when submitting the application form:

  • Your valid passport.
  • Travel plan.
  • Dates of all of your international trips you made in the past five years, including the US.
  • Your education and work record.

Does all members in the family need to submit a separate application form?

Yes, if you are applying for a US visa for all family members, everyone in your family needs to submit a DS-160 application form. You have to mention your adopted siblings other than biological siblings under the heading of “immediate relatives”

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