US Student Visa Acceptance Rate 2024

Studying in the US is the dream of international students but getting a Student visa is not that easy. The student needs to pass every section of the visa approval process, for instance, interview, submission of documents, and application.

Not proving themselves eligible on those grounds is the reason for only the 85% US visa acceptance rate in 2024. According to an estimation, a US student visa is the most applied visa globally. So there is tough competition also. For clearing out all the grounds without any mistake, take help from its websites and attorney.

Types of USA Student Visa:

No doubt, we have different kinds of US visas. Out of them, some are specifically made for students. These include F and M visas. Although students can also apply for the B visa, they won’t offer them full-time studies. We have about six types of student visas. These include F1(for graduates and undergraduates), F2(Nonimmigrant dependent visa for family members of F1 students), J1(For bright students and researchers working on any exchange program), J2(Presented by USCIS for dependents of F1), M1(vocational, strict stay rules), M2(For M1 holder’s dependent family members).

USA Student Visa Application Process:

The application process is a critical task that needs to be done after ensuring all the required documents. The application process differs from country to country. Still, here we will discuss the Visa process of the USA. Our first step would be data collection. After that, we will search for a SEVP approved school. After being accepted by that particular school, we will pay the SEVIS fee. After getting the I-20 form, our next primary step would be the interview.


Find Out What Type Of Student Visa You Need:

Suppose a student wants to study in the US. In that case, he will need either an immigrant visa(for permanent stay) or a nonimmigrant visa(for temporary stay). How do we find out which access we need? It depends on our particular course, the school we are applying to and our class. Before applying for any visa, a student must know his requirements. For instance, if the student wants to study for a shorter period, he will go for the B visa. On the other hand, he will need F and M visas to explore programs that require longer.

Learn What Conditions You Need To Meet For The US Student Visa:

Some conditions can make you lose the chance to study in the US. So the student must make themselves ready to cope with all the requirements.

  • The student must be proficient in the English language to pass the interview for the US student visa
  • They must have strong financial support as the interviewee is more likely to ask about the student’s sponsor’s financial state profoundly.
  • The next crucial thing is a better academic record.

F1 Visa Acceptance Rate 2022 By Country:

Comparing countries in the approval rate of F1 visa is quite complicated. Every year, millions of students find their study destination in the US. China is the first one on this list. I receive about 100 thousand visas every year. The second one is India, and its ratio of getting F1 access each year is 11.8%. South Korea’s percentage is 5.8. Vietnam’s is 4.4 and Japan is on the fifth number with 4 percent. We have Brazil, Saudia, Arabia, Mexico, and Germany, followed.

US Student Visa Acceptance Rate 2018:

US students’ visa acceptance rate in 2021 is quite different from 2018. In 2018, the US service declared 9.5m immigrant and nonimmigrant visas posts. About 3.73m applications were rejected in the following year, so its rejection rate reached 29%. The B visa was the most applied and primary visa of that time. Out of 6.81m visas, 3.71 applications were rejected. In addition to this, the acceptance rate of both F1 and F1 visas was quite the same by country.

Student Visa USA Cost:

The total cost of the student visa depends on the particular country and origin from where the student is applying. Firstly, we will have to pay $160 as an application fee. It makes us admitted by the SEVP institution. Here we will go with a $200 price. Congratulations, Now you have been promoted for the US embassy interview. majority percent student try to want a green card.


Will the US allow international students for fall 2022?

According to the new national exception policy, students will now study in the US for fall 202. Even the students from the travel banned countries would be able to enter.

Is a US student visa easy to get?

If you analyze the procedure, it seems pretty straightforward. But as soon as you get through the process, you may feel confused. But if you work logically and accurately, you won’t lose the chance.

Does the US student visa gets rejected?

The possible reasons for your application rejection are applying on the wrong dates, either before or after the date of your study program. Moreover, false documents and data given to the consular office can cause the denial of your visa.


After checking out the previous and new records of the student visas, we conclude that The US student visa acceptance rate for 2024 has been changed over time. If a student doesn’t want to lose the chance, he must check all the requirements and criteria.

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