Is Your Previous H-1B Visa (Temporary Occupation, Temporary Worker or Trainee) Still Valid?

Before jumping to the conclusions, we must know what type of visa is the h-1b and what are its rules and regulations. H-1b visa is a nonimmigrant visa which means a visa temporarily. This is basically made for the people who have much expertise in their fields and want to work in the US so that they will become full-fledged in their respective fields.

In short, this visa helps the individual make his future brighter by working in the US. The employers hire them after finding their abilities match perfectly with the job’s requirements in fields like finance, IT, architecture, and engineering. If you get the question is your previous h-1b visa (temporary occupation, temporary worker or trainee) still valid? you should know that the H-1b visa’s validity can be extended from 3 to 6 years.

Is Your Previous H-1B Visa (Temporary Occupation, Temporary Worker or Trainee) Still Valid?

If you are asked about the validity of your H-1 b visa, the best answer would be yes. On the other hand, if you are asked about the expiry then saying no would be the right way to respond. This is because they want to know exactly when your visa got expired. If it expired during the last 24 hours or not. So you are going to deny this by saying no in this condition. If you need to double-check the validity of your H1B visa, send information to an expert or an employer.

H-1B Dropbox Eligibility Requirements:

In case the person has an H-1b visa expired, he can restore it by the dropbox stamping procedure. For this process, the applicant first needs to be eligible for the criteria designed for stamping.

  • The first thing that applicants should remember is that this feature is applicable only for the h1b visa holders.
  • Secondly, the passport must include h1b visa foil.
  • It should be stamped without annotations as clearance issued received.
  • Stamping shouldn’t be issued before the 14th Birthday.
  • The visa must be issued or expired in 12 months.
  • Moreover, people above the age of 80 are only required to give proof of US accepted application.

H-1b Dropbox Document Checklist:

For the acceptance of the box, the following documents are a must.

  • Firstly, the confirmation letter for the dropbox appointment and the DS 160 confirmation page.
  • Then the copies of the I-797 approval.
  • Original passport with the photo according to the US set specifications.
  • The applicant must give proofs that he has been qualified for the NIE by the consulate.
  • So he should have the employer letter and the email copy.
  • In addition to this, the client letter and other approval notices for the I-797 are optional.

H-1b Dropbox Eligibility Change Of Employer:

Most People have wrong information about the change of employer. They believe that they can’t proceed with the dropbox Stamping after changing employer. But in reality, that’s not true. It has the company name and the petition number on it along with the employer’s name written on the passport. So here the company name becomes the real blunder in understanding the process.

The fact behind all this is that the employer name is just a matter of annotation for the CBP officer and it has nothing to do with the eligibility criteria. The only set rules that the applicant must consider to strengthen his possibility are the ones discussed above as requirements. In addition to this, we can make sure by answering the questions on the CGI US website which doesn’t ask about the previous employer’s data.

Is Your Previous H-1b Visa Still Valid?

Before answering the question, you must know the validity of the H-1b visa. As we know that it is issued for three years but depending on the performance and extension for the H-1b visa, the applicant can get a further 3 years. So we have 6 years in total. Even after 6 years, if the applicant still wants to live in the US to continue his work or for another purpose, he is required to apply for a green card.

In addition to this, as we already know that we have a period of 12 months for the approval and expiration of the visa so it won’t be expired before that. As long as the stamp on the passport is not cancelled, lost, or ruined in any way, the applicant’s visa is valid.

H-1b Dropbox Eligibility 48 Months:

The h-1b dropbox eligibility period has been extended from 12 to 48 months. This relaxation is because of COVID 19 circumstances and is valid till 31st December 2022. Moreover, even the app has changed the eligibility period to 48 months. Interview waiver is the term used when there is no need to go for an interview to get your passport stamped. This is the benefit able facility that dropbox offers. So it is only dropbox by which we can go for documents submission without an interview.

The processing time for the dropbox is  1 to 6 months during which we will get the interview call. Normally within 3 weeks, we can get the interview call. Sometimes, issues get our application delayed for a few more months. This included the form 221g form.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you have a previous h-1b visa(temporary occupation, temporary worker, or trainee)? Is H-1b a temporary worker?

If you got your visa approved, but couldn’t get it stamped, then it doesn’t mean that you have a previous h-1b visa. This means that you never had an h-1b visa because you are required to get it stamped. Secondly, yes H-1b is the visa for temporary workers he gets accepted for the green card.

How long h-1b visa is valid without a job?

We may lose our job during our h1-b visa. But you get the time of 60 days to work for your job before being expelled from the country before the H-1 petition expiration.

Does the h-1b visa expire?

Yes, the h-1b visa expires after the date of its validity. H1-b visa is valid for 3 years and can be extended to 6 years after which the visa gets expired. On expiration, the worker will have to leave the US if he can find any other status.


After analyzing the whole situation about the h-1b visa, we have come to know how to answer the question “is your previous h-1b visa (temporary occupation, temporary worker or trainee) still valid? You must know the nature and validity criteria of your visa. After analyzing all those details about your h-1b visa, you will answer yes or no.

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