Your N 400 Personalized Processing Time Is Down for Maintenance

When you submit your applications for immigration, citizenship, and green card, the average processing time of the application is the thing which you are concerned about the most. Do you want to know how much average time is required to process your application? Do you want to know what the meanings of “Your N 400 personalized processing time is down for maintenance” when you submit your N-400 form in USCIS are?

In this article, we will discuss in detail all mandatory information about average processing times for different applications submitted in USCIS for obtaining green cards and immigration. We will also discuss the processing time of different application forms in previous years, as well as the average processing time of those applications in 2022.

What is USCIS?

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) is an institution run by the federal government of the United States. This institution has the responsibility to manage lawful immigrants in the geographical territory of the United States. The USCIS is working under the Department of Homeland Security.

The United States’ neutralization and immigration system is administered by this agency in the USA. This agency administers different and diverse matters relating to the applications of work visas, citizenship, and other immigration services. The function of maintaining immigration services and safeguarding national security are also dealt with by USCIS.

The people who want to work in the United States and get United States citizenship as permanent residents of the USA submit their applications to this agency. After several processes and scrutinization, USCIS Issues their green card and declares them lawful permanent residents of the United States.

Your N 400 Personalized Processing Time Is Down for Maintenance:

When you file your application for citizenship in the United States, you need to fill out N-400 form and submit this application to USCIS. After its processing time, USCIS informs you of the details about further process. Sometimes, the status report is shown in your USCIS account that ” your n-400 personalized processing time is down for maintenance”. There are many people who applied for citizenship application faced this issue.

If you have received this type of status report in your USCIS account about your application., you don’t need to worry about it. After some days and further processes, USCIS will show your N-400 processing time. It is shown due to some processing complexities in the USCIS system and after updating that will be recovered.

How Long Is Too Long” When It Comes to Uscis Processing Time?

While filling out the application forms provided by USCIS for immigration or citizenship purposes, you may think about how much it will take time in its whole processing? The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services is the US government-based agency that has the responsibility to maintain the immigration applications and other essential works related to the lawful residence or work in the United States.

It accepts different application forms and publishes their average processing times. The processing time of USCIS for different application forms is varied according to the type of application and location of the applicant from where or from which city or state of US he submits his application.

If the average time limit of processing time of your application is exceeded and you don’t get any result, then you can make a USCIS case inquiry. After that, your application average processing times will be updated.

Wait Times For Green Cards:

To check the wait time for our green card, we can visit the USCIS historic processing times data. On USCIS historic processing times data, we can get the average processing time for different application forms to obtain the green card.

USCIS has provided the average processing time for different application forms in months from 2017 to Jan-2022. Here we are going to discuss the processing times of different application forms.


  • This form has been called “Petition for alien relative” on USCIS.
  • Its processing time increased by 1 to 2 months from FY2017 to 2021. While Its average processing time in FY2022 is 9.7 months.

Form- I 485:

  • It is also known as an application for adjustment of status.
  • It is seen that from FY2017 to FY2022, the processing time of this form increased gradually and reached its highest level, 28.9 months.

The main reason for increasing the processing time is due to the closure of USCIS offices in most of the cities of the USA because of the pandemic crisis of Covid-19.

Form I-131:

  • It is known as the application of travel document-Advance parole.
  • It is seen a significant increase in the processing time of i-131 in FY2022.
  • The processing time of i-131 in 2022 in 7.1 months.

Form I-765:

  1. It is called an application for employment authorization document.
  2. The processing time of I 765 is somewhat decreased in FY2022 as compared to previous years.
  3. The average processing time of I 765 is three months in FY 2022, while it was 3.9 months in FY 2021.

So, we have discussed the average processing time for the different application forms to obtain a green card. The processing time for every application form is different and ups and downs in this time are also occurred according to the situations.

I-526 Form:

  • This application is called Immigrant Petition By Alien Entrepreneur. It is For use by an investor who wishes to immigrate to the United States.
  • The processing time of this application is also increased in FY 2022 compared to the previous five years.
  • The processing time of this application in FY 2021 was 32.5 months, while its processing time, which is updated by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service, of 2022 is 37.9 months.

Wait Time For Neutralization Applications:

  1. The processing time of N-400, which is also called application for neutralization, increased largely in the past two years.
  2. The main reason for the increase in the processing time of N-400 was that due to widespread of Covid-19, the interviews and final oath ceremonies were not held, which caused the delay in entertaining applications on time. Therefore, the processing time of n-400 is also increased this year.
  3. The processing time of N-400 was 9.1 months in FY 2020, 11.5 months in 2021, and 11.7 months in 2022.


In this article, you have learned the essential details regarding application forms of USCIS to obtain green cards and immigration. We have discussed the details about the average processing times of N-400 I-765. I-131, I-485, and I-130, and we also did a comparative analysis of the processing time of the previous years of these application forms with this year.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1: Why is my N-400 taking so long?

Ans: Taking so long in N-400 can be due to not fulfilling the application requirements or  USCIS is processing to get further information about you. If it takes so long, you can visit the USCIS office and submit an inquiry case.

Q2: How long does N-400 take to process?

Ans: After scrutinizing the required details of your N-400 application, USCIS will start the processing of the n-400. The average processing time of the N-400 application form in 2022 is 11.7  months.

Q3: How often does USCIS update processing times?

Ans: USCIS updates processing times of applications every year. USCIS has also updated the processing time details of 2022 about different application forms.

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