U.S. Taxpayer ID Number Ds-160 H1B

Every year, a large number of people apply for a temporary visa based on their expertise and exceptional abilities in particular fields. This type of visa is called the nonimmigrant visa. It helps people get their work based on their individual special qualities in the US, their dream place. Having this done requires a tax to pay. The tax is different for a different type of visa, for instance, it can be either h4, h1B, or J-1 visa.

We can find our u.s. taxpayer id number ds-160 h1b on the files, documents, and tax returns. Besides this, tax rules are based on the nature of residents. If he is a permanent resident then he is required to give the tax according to his worldwide income regardless of its source but for the nonresident aliens, the tax will be issued based on income that has been gained by the US.

What Is U.S. Taxpayer ID Number Ds-160 H1B?

We have two types, one is ITIN and the other SSN. It depends on the individual’s current residence. If he is living on the h1 visa and is in the US, then the taxpayer’s id will be taken as SSM(social security number). SSN is the nine-digit number for the social security of the US and temporary citizens. The purpose of SSN has been changed from tracking to identification number and taxation. We can apply for SSM on Form SS-5, which is the Form for social security.

Fill Up Form DS-160:

Before appearing in the interview, the first thing which needs to be considered is filling up the form ds-160 appropriately. Because of the wrong applications, the applicant has to go to another date for an interview.

The followings are the steps to fill the Form in the right way.

Step#1. Checking out the visa category.

The applicant should have a clear purpose in his mind, depending on which he will select the particular visa category. Besides this, immigration counsel helps us in this regard.

Step#2. Important documents required.

Crucial documents for ds-160 include;

Itinerary proof:

Itinerary means the applicant has fixed dates of his visit and departure from the US. The returning date should not exceed the date written on the petition.

Passport and Photo:

The importance of the passport’s validity for at least 6 months beyond the date of entry can not be disregarded. An individual’s stay will be shortened based on the passport’s validity. Coming towards the photo, it should be clear with white background. It shouldn’t be a selfie.

Travelling History:

The applicant must give data about previous dates when he entered the US for any reason. He will ga I’ve maximum of five previous visits information.


Résumé or curriculum vitae is also a major part of ds-160. Here the applicant will give all the information about qualifications, works, appreciation certificates, and other experiences in different fields.

Student visitors and petition-based temporary workers:

Former categories of F, J, and M are required to give SEVIS ID and address information of the institution they want to study. On the other hand, workers with H-1B, H-2, H-3, CW1, L, O, P, R,  and E2C will provide their I-797 Form with  I-129, or Form I-129S.

Social Accounts:

Applicants are needed to provide all details regarding the social media accounts that he used in the last 5 years. He will provide usernames, URLs, and account names but not passwords.

Step#3. Taking note of the Applicant Id.

DS-160 screen shows the applicant id on the top of the right corner. The applicant will save this DS-160 to his pc.

Step#4. Completing the DS-160.

Before filling up the form, the applicant must read all the suggestions written on the Form. All the answers should be right, appropriate, and absolute.

Step#5. Signing, Submitting and Printing Out.

The applicant will sign the Form electronically by the Sign option and then submit it. After which, the last step would be saving the page with the help of a barcode.

Us Taxpayer ID Number Ds-160 H4:

Before getting SSN, the applicant will need to get EAD first. ITIN is the special number we don’t need to work for but for federal taxes. Before applying for ITIN, the applicant must go for an actual tax return.

US Taxpayer ID Number Where To Find?

We can find the taxpayer id number on various documents. These documents include

  • Tax returns
  • Forms filed with IRS and SSM and on
  • The social security cards.

Intended Length of Stay in Us Ds-160 H1B:

The intended length of staying in the US ds-160 h1b depends on the expiry date of the petition. Secondly, the applicant will have to count the time left right after the interview date. Besides this, the applicant should skip a validity period to compensate for any delays.

Us Taxpayer ID Number in w2 Form:

The box b of the w2 Form contains the tax-id or EIN( Employer Identification Number). It is several nine digits, usually at the top of the employer’s name or below the address.

Us Taxpayer ID Number vs Ssn:

As the name shows, the social security number is used individually. Social security administration uses this number to track, identify, and record wages and earnings. On the other hand, the taxpayer id number is used for business purposes for filing taxes.

Address and Phone Information Ds-160:

When completing the ds-160 Form, the applicant is required to give exact and complete details of his home address, including, district, region, street, city, and province. It should be the locations where he has been living for the last 6 months.

Secondly, there should be a primary phone number which the individual will attend more presumably. It can either be a cell phone or a landline number.

Frequently Asked Questions.

What is the tax identification number for h-1b?

The taxpayer identification number is a 9 digit number. It’s a US ITIN or SSN(social security number). Form 1099-MISC and 945 have reports of these payments and are issued by IRN. It is solely used for tax purposes.

Where do I find my US taxpayer id number?

You can find your TIN on documents like social security cards, tax returns, and forms that are filed with either SSN or IRS.

Wrap up:

Applicants with an h1b visa are eligible to get their u.s. taxpayer id number ds-160 h1b only when they are eligible to get employment in the US institute. Here we have a distinction between the TIN and SSM because of their goals. These have much to do with security and tax purposes.

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