Sponsorship For Employment Visa Status Meaning?

Every year a large number of people apply for different types of US visas. Some find their destination by the student visa e.g, F and M visa, while others work and visit. As the name shows, an employment visa is designed for people who want to live and work in the US.

Unlike some other types, an employment-based visa is the one where we need an employer to petition the USCIS on our behalf. This process is called sponsoring for an employment visa. Sponsorship for employment visa status meaning is that an employer is subsidizing us by petitioning the US government for us. But getting an employment visa is not as easy as it seems as it has some conditions.

What Is Employment Visa Status Meaning?

Employment visa status is also called H-1B visa. The person getting H-1B status means that he can work in the US for the specific time limit employed by sponsoring employer. As we are sponsored by the employer, our work is limited to him. The employment visa is also called the work visa as it allows the foreign applicant to work in the US. Moreover, it also has eligibility criteria that the beneficiary must fulfil.

Employment-Based Visa Sponsors:

For some types of employment visas, we need a sponsor to petition for us. For these nonimmigrant visas, our employer will file for the particular nonimmigrant visa on our behalf. Here the Department of labour makes sure that the employment for which the foreign national has been selected, is not replacing an eligible US citizen. So to ensure about it, the employer takes interviews of the US citizens and after they lose, the chance goes fixed for the beneficiary.

Employment visa Self Sponsorship:

Some applicants of the employment visa qualify for the self sponsorship, for instance, researchers. Self-sponsored means that the person doesn’t need any second person, he can file for himself. They can collect the documents, prepare all the data by themselves and send it to the USCIS all by themselves. But the OISS(office of international students and scholars) recommends all the petitioners to be extra efficient as there are many fraudulent advertising sites on the internet or consult an expert attorney.

Examples Of  Visa Sponsorship:

The sponsorship changes with the change of forms and type of the visa. For instance, some visas don’t even need any sponsorship but others do. Let’s have a look at some of the Sponsorship examples.

  • First of all, for the alien relative petition I-130, we have a US citizen as a sponsor.
  • For the I-730 refugee relative petition, the refugee acts as the sponsor.
  • Then comes the employment-based petition I-129 for nonimmigrants and I-140 for an immigrant petition, for which the US employer works as the sponsor.

Family Sponsorship Required Documents:

First of all, the US citizen begins with mailing the visa petition on the I-130 form to the USCIS. Along with this, all the required documents will be attached. The US citizen who is sponsoring the beneficiary will have to prove the true relationship with the beneficiary. After the petition has been done, the USCIS will make decisions on the application. After the approval of the application, the immigrant will apply for permanent residence and fill out all the documents with a medical examination.

How To Get An Employment Visa?

The first step for both the employer and the immigrant is getting the labour certificate from the department of labour. Then comes form I-140 which is the immigrant petition for Alien workers. So the employer will file form I-140 along with the USCIS but this step depends on the type of employment visa.

How To Answer Visa Sponsorship Question?

There are some common questions that the person must be aware of. The first question is about the previous visit to the US, so the answer should be elaborately explained the purpose of the visit.


If questioned about selecting the US, then give appropriate reasoning that why you chose the US and for how much time. Besides this, comes the most important details which are about the employer and sponsor. Here the person will ensure the interviewer about the eligibility of the sponsor and give all the details about the employer.

Sponsorship For Employment Visa Status Meaning Yes Or No:

This question will be asked in the visa sponsorship. So an individual should know if he really needs the sponsorship or not. If the person thinks that at some point he may need a company to sponsor, then he will say yes. The company will sponsor the immigration and work permit case. Such sponsorship is required in the H-1B visa. If the visa doesn’t need any sponsorship then the applicant will go with answering No.

Sponsorship For Employment Visa Status UK:

If a person wants to sponsor someone for the employment visa status in the UK, then he must have a sponsorship license. The citizens which he can sponsor are from Ireland, Switzerland, Norway, Liechtenstein who went to the UK after December.

Besides this, there is a group of people for whom we don’t need any license to sponsor. These include Irish people, individuals with EU Settlement Scheme status, and those on indefinite leave. In addition to this, if the person doesn’t have the license to sponsor, then he will apply for it and after the approval, he can circulate the certificates of sponsorship in case he has jobs.

Employment Or Work Permission Proof:

The form I-766/EAD is the employment authorization. As the name shows, by this form, the employers are sure that the individual is authorized to enter and work in the US for a particular time. To get the form I-766, the person will have to apply for the form I-765 first.

Authorization is permission to work in the US. The people who don’t need any authorization proof are permanent citizens, have nonimmigrant status, or people with H-1B, L-1B, O, or P visas. The filing fee for the I-765 is 410$. There is an eligibility criterion for who can file for I-765.

Will, You Now Or In The Future Require Sponsorship For Employment Visa Status(eg.H-1B visa status):

The companies and employers make sure if a person needs the sponsorship for employment visa status or not. The companies can’t ask for citizenship straight away, so they ask in this way if they need H-1B Or Green card sponsorship.

In answer, the person should say yes if he thinks he will need the sponsorship by the company. l and No depending on the type of visa.

People Also Ask:

What is the meaning of employment visa status?

If an individual is having an employment visa status, it means that he can live and work in the US. It is also called the Employment-based visa, EB, or work visa as it is to work there. Some employment visa types need sponsorship while others do not.

What is a job sponsorship?

Job sponsorships no employer sponsorship. It means the employer will make the applicant capable to work in the US. For this purpose, he helps him financially and legally.

What is sponsorship for immigration?

Sponsoring means the sponsor is assuring that the immigrant will not depend on the government for any kind of financial assistance. By signing an affidavit of support, the sponsor makes the immigrant get a green card.

What Is H-1B Visa Sponsorship?

The H-1B visa is a good initiative for foreign nationals who wants to work in the US. It allows the professionals and experts of particular fields to exercise their proficiency in the US.

Wrap up:

We have figured out almost everything about the sponsorship for employment visa status meaning. Now the meaning is clear how and why the person is being sponsored. How helpful it is for foreign nationals to work for their desired field in the US for a specific time

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