N400 July 2020 Filers [Filers July 2021 ll May 2021 ll September 2021]

If you are not born in the United States, then by which process can you become a lawful permanent resident of the United States and have the same rights and duties as by-born US citizens have? Do you know the naturalization process and how you can become a lawful resident of the United States by the naturalization process?

In this article, we will write in detail the process through which you can file your N400 july 2020 application in USCIS for attaining residency in the United States. We will also discuss the filing tips of the N-400 form and all relevant details that are required essentially to get the citizenship of the United States by naturalization process.

What is Form N-400?

N-400 is an application form for obtaining the citizenship of the United States by a process which is called naturalization. If you are not a born citizen and resident of the United States and want to get citizenship of the US, then you will need to file an N-400 form in United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS).

To file this form, you must need to eligible and fulfill the criterion of citizenship for the United States. N-400 form contains many questions about your identity, history, background, personal information, marital history, etc. When you file this form and successfully complete it, after its approval, USCIS will conduct your interview and oath ceremony. Every year a number of people submit this application to USCIS to get permanent citizenship in the United States.

To apply for N-400 and citizenship of the United States. You must be eligible according to these requirements.

  • Your age should be above 18 years.
  • You should have a lawful 5-years residency in the United States, and if you are married to a US citizen, then it should be 3-years.
  • If you have maintained 5-years physical presence in the United States, you can apply for citizenship.
  • You should have good moral and ethical character.
  • You should also have basic knowledge of the English language.

N-400 Filing Tips:

To get citizenship in the United States by the process of naturalization, you will need to fill out your N-400 application form in a proper and authentic way. The inappropriate application will cause a delay in its process, and it will also be a chance of denial of your application if your information inserted in the form are incorrect or the attached documents are irrelevant or forged.

So, to fill out the N-400 form is a complex nature work that needs to be completed in full attention and consciousness.

Here, we are going to discuss some essential tips for filing out the N-400 application form. You should need to consider them while filling out the application.

  • Most of the questions in the N-400 form are related to the self-explanatory questions. So, you should need to fulfill all those questions related to your personal information, family, career, education, lifestyle in the best possible manner.
  • Before filling out the form, gather all the required documents and ask in the N-400 form. These documents can be your passport, addresses, employment information, and education-related documents.
  • Fill out the exact and authentic information about yourself in the application form. If you do not know the accurate information about which has been asked in the application, you should find correct information before and then answer them in the N-400 application form.
  • Before filling out the form, you can consult with an immigration lawyer. Because any false information or illegal documents can make a cause the denial of your application, and this can also lead to the removal of yours from the United States.
  • Before filling out the form, you can read the document related to the instructions for filling out N-400 provided by the USCIS on its website.
  • It is mandatory to ensure that all the provided answers are correct and all related and supporting documents are included with your N-400 application form.
  • Don’t attach original documents with the application because these documents cannot be reverted from USCIS.
  • Put your signature on the mentioned place of application. Without signatures, your application will be rejected by USCIS.

N400 July 2020 filers:

For the purpose of filling out the N-400 application form in an exemplary manner, the different filers from all over the United States connect each other and seek information and help from each other and discuss the relevant things and procedures about the N-400 application form. If you are also filling out the application form for US citizenship, you can also connect with them on the internet.

N400 July 2021 filers:

Due to the widespread Covid-19 all over the world, the offices of USCIS were also closed, and immigration services were also affected by the pandemic. In this situation, the filers of July 2021 connected each other on the internet to gain updates and information about USCIS activities.

N400 May 2021 filers:

The filers of May 2021 also connected each other to seek information about the process of filling out the N-400 application form. If any person facing any problem with the submission of his N-400 form, he could ask and get help from different people.

N400 September 2021 filers:

The people who submitted and filed their citizenship forms through the naturalization process in September 2021 have also connected on the internet and helped each other in the process of filling out the application form.


In this article, we have discussed in detail all the essential and relevant information about the N-400 application form. If you are looking to get citizenship in the United States through the naturalization process, then this information would be helpful for you in getting to your destination.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: What is the N-400 form used for?

Ans: N-400 form is used to get citizenship of the United States by naturalization process.

Q2: What is N-400 immigration?

Ans: If you are born outside of the United States and want to get citizenship as a lawful resident of the United States, you can get immigration by N-400 form through the naturalization process.

Q3: How much does an N-400 cost?

Ans: The total cost of the N-400 application form is $725, which includes $640 for processing and $85 for biometric services.

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