Green Card Wireless Communication

The new redesigned green card came into being in 2010 by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service declared a new permanent resident card as a green card, which contains the Biometrics, RFID tag Radio Frequency Identification for green card wireless communication.

Along with an envelope to store the card in that will seemingly protect the card from unwittingly being read. Moreover, other attributes of modified green cards include holographic images, laser inscribe fingerprints, and high-resolution micro- images. Green Cards are issued to lawful permanent residents as evidence of their consent to work and live in the U.S.

Is My Green Card Rfid?

Yes, after redesigned green cards by USCIS, now all green cards have a tag of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). And this new step is beneficial at ports where U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Officers do your entry faster because your green card has an RFID chip.

Green Card Wireless Communication:

A Green Card is formally well known as a lawful permanent resident card. By having a green card, individuals can live and work in the U.S. Individuals who have green cards are also mentioned as Lawful Permanent Residents (LPR). Furthermore, these are some other benefits of having a green card, such as Supplementary legal rights, And after legal requirements, in the end, getting U.S. Citizenship. And wireless communication is referred to as communication or data transfer in which electromagnetic waves carry signals overall communication path instead of wire or cable.

New Green Card and Rfid:

Green Card is essential citizenship of the United States, and this card you can get by marriage to a U.S. citizen or through employment, and for this, you must have to proof before green card interview that you had lived half of your time in the U.S. so for that you must document or daily journal for interview. And using RFID automation, we can track many objects at a time. The RFID tag has three types :

  1. Active tag: it has its power source and have a longer range.
  2. Passive tag: it has not its power source so it has a short-range.
  3. Semi-passive tag: It has a medium-range due to less power.

 Security Concerns about Green Card:

The new green card comes with a bunch of enhanced features. Although most of them are designed for security purposes, the implementation of RFID-Radio Frequency Identification- is rather for improving efficiency. With RFID, the CBP officer can read your card while you are still standing in the line at the airport.

This, confidently, can get you through a port of entry a bit faster. Since you are assumed to Carry your green card with you at all times, the thought that someone walking by may have just read your green card is simply unbearable. So for that, you can use the envelope to protect your new green card and prevent wireless communication with it before your permission.

The Redesigned Green Card:

The new green card will:

  • Show an individual photo on both sides.
  • Have implant holographic images.
  • Appear a unique graphic image and colour Platte(Green Cards will have an image of the statue of liberty and predominantly green Platte).
  • No longer to display the individual’s signature.

 How Can I Get My Green Card Faster than 90 Days?

These are some quick ways to attain that goal:

  1. Marriage to U.S. Citizen. This is the fastest way to immigrate. (In this process, you can get a temporary green card within 6 to 9 months, and after reconfirmation by USCIS within the next 2 years, you will get a permanent green card)
  2. Political asylum in the U.S.A.(due to recent changes in the asylum process, Within 2 months, you will have an interview with an officer, and if your petition is approved, then soon you will get green card wireless communication)
  3. Immigration through family reunification. (it can take 9 months up to 5 years)
  4. Investment immigration. (An EB-5 investment visa Will earn a temporary green card for up to 12 to 18 months)

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to tell if your card is valid?

Then the new green card is valid until the expiration date shown on the card.

 What information is on my green card?

The front side of a green card is mostly self-explanatory. Comprises biographic information such as name, date of birth, card expiration date, sex, county of birth and the date of admission as a permanent resident.

What is an enhanced green card?

The redesigned cards use intensified graphics and fraud-resistant security features to create highly secure and more interfere resistant cards.

Can I scan my green card?

Yes, green cards have a scanning option.

 Are green card holders are U.S. Citizens?

No, because green card holders do not have full rights as citizens and they do not have the right to vote. However, green card holders can live and work in the United States.

Is there a chip in green card?

Yes, one of the USCIS’s recent improvements to the green card is an embedded Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chip that allows U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Officers at ports of entry to read personal data embedded in the card from a distance and compare it immediately to personal data on file.

And due to the chip in green cards, the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Officers can check the Biometrics stored in green cards against the IDENT database. The new green cards also include a Radio Frequency Identification(RFID).

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