Bana Mumbai Us Visa Sfa Is Savings or Current Account?

As we apply for a US visa, it is mandatory to pay the fee so that the processing goes on. Bana Mumbai US visa Sfa is a beneficiary name. The applicant must keep in mind that the dues are non-refundable. So they shouldn’t don’t pay the fee again; instead, try sending mail to the center so they will better find the reason behind errors.

Many people ask about the type of account, saying Bana Mumbai US Visa Sfa Is Savings Or Current Account? When applying for a visa, there are common problems that people experience. As we know that the payment is non-refundable, so people are more concerned about the right answer, whether to select a current or savings account. Because whenever an applicant reaches the payment step through NEFT, he is exhausted by this question. Let’s make it clear.

How Can I Pay Us Visa Fee through Neft?

NEFT(national electronic funds transfer) is the most famous and easiest way of submitting dues of the nonimmigrant US visa. About 87,000 bank branches are working on NEFT payments and assisting applicants to submit their MRV dues. We can offer the free online also, so it is quite time-saving and convenient.

  • First of all, we have three options for submitting the fee. Here if we select the NEFT option.
  • The applicant will log in to the account.
  • On the payment confirmation screen, he will find a unique number.
  • The applicant has to send the payment on that unique number.
  • Remember that only one payment can be sent on the number because it is never refunded.
  • Saving that number is obligatory because if the applicant loses that number, he will lose his payment also. It’s because the number is used as proof of his payment. So the applicant must save that number.

Bana Mumbai US Visa Sfa Is Savings Or Current Account?

Almost everyone has experienced issues regarding the type of account. While sending payment through the NEFT, we get a question about the history. People who have chosen the savings account are exhausted with different problems. These include not getting any reply or getting wire advice. What can we do in such circumstances?

According to the US call center and people’s experiences, it is better to proceed with the current application. As we choose the current application option, we get our visa approved, and right after 3 to 4 hours, the receipt number appears on the page. So in this way, choosing the current opportunity domestic is the appropriate one. It is required for scheduling the visa appointment.

What Is the Account Type to Make the Us Visa Payment by Neft Transaction?

For NEFT transactions, although it is better to go with the current account, but it depends on the country also. Different people can use the same statement in the USA, one as current during the second as a savings account. So to get clarity, they need to analyze the type of account.

On the other hand, in India, there is no such case; that’s why usually account types are ignored. Moreover, the NEFT service has generated codes for current saving accounts and other payment cards. In addition to this, using IMP in a hurry has always been a wrong decision it is better to be on NEFT. After a day or a few hours, the receipt number is activated. So try checking the CGI account.

Bana Mumbai US Visa Sfa Email:

After sending the fee through NEFT, the applicant waits for the confirmation email to find out if the application and fees were fine or not. The email will let them know about the application’s status. Moreover, if the applicant gets his receipt right after a few hours of payment.

How To Generate MRV Receipt?

First of all, the applicant will make a profile on the online application system to make a record of everything. After clicking the schedule of my appointment, the applicant will give all the data regarding his visa type. On the payment screen, he will choose the payment method. Agree and continue after sending the MRV fee.

CGI number, transaction, and receipt number must be recorded as they won’t be generated again. It is because further processing is based on the receipt number.

How To Get Receipt Number For US Visa After Neft Payment?

After entering the beneficiary, we get our account activated after 3 to 4 hours. The next step is paying for the visa, which grants us the SBI slip. Now the slip is the one that contains all the numbers like INB and UTR, but sometimes it doesn’t include the receipt number.

But no need to worry because the applicant may get the mail or SMS in a few hours having that receipt number of 12 digits. Moreover, it may take one day to receive the receipt number, after which there will be an appointment schedule process.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I pay my US visa fee?

You can pay your fee for any nonimmigrant visa at any branch of the bank of Philippine Island. You need to bring a photocopy of the passport bio page.

How can I pay the visa fee through IMPS?

You will initiate it by SMS to the bank. Then enter the beneficiary MMID, mobile number, and the amount. You may get a limit of 5000 per transaction.

What is NEFT bank of America?

By NEFT, we can send money electronically. It’s a direct way of sending the money to the receiver, but it should also have an electronic facility.


After analyzing all the situations, we have come to the fact that the answer to the question bana Mumbai US visa sfa is savings or current account is the current one. We can say that NEFT is the easiest way, but the applicant has recorded the receipt number.

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